Murder on the Orient Express

Mondays at the Movies

I couldn’t get myself motivated enough to see Justice League…

So, I went to see the one movie that I had missed last week:  Murder on the Orient Express.

I honestly thought Kenneth Branagh would spice up the Agatha Christie classic with more action than adventure.  Instead, he remained very true to the 1974 star-studded classic.  The production was authentic.  Loved the costuming..the train….the feel of the movie.   It was   visually stunning.  And, of course, it too, boasts an all-star cast.

They were good. Just not anything new.

I think that’s why the critics have been so – so about this film. Nothing really new here.  No one stood out.

It was Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express.

We know Msr Poirot will eventually solve the case.

Maybe they were expecting him to become an action hero.  (You know, kind of like what  Robert Downey Jr. did with Sherlock Holmes?


In the’s a classic murder mystery.  Just enjoy it for what it is…

it keeps you guessing until the end…

I found it very enjoyable and fun to watch.

But don’t be a film critic and expect it to set a new bar in film making.

It’s worth going to see….I give it 3 out of 5 stars..

I’m Gary Rivers and That’s What’s happening at the movies.

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