NEW YORK, April 23, 2019 – The National Basketball Association announced today that 233 players — 175 players from colleges and other educational institutions and 58 international players — have filed as early entry candidates for the 2019 NBA Draft presented by State Farm.

Players who have applied for early entry have the right to withdraw their names from consideration for the Draft by notifying the NBA of their decision in writing no later than 5 p.m. ET on Monday, June 10. Under NCAA rules, in order to retain college basketball eligibility, underclassmen who have entered the 2019 Draft must withdraw by Wednesday, May 29.

Following is the list of players from colleges and other educational institutions who have applied for early entry into the 2019 NBA Draft, which will be held Thursday, June 20 at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y.



Player                                                   School                                                   Height                   Status

Milan Acquaah                                    California Baptist                          6-3                          Sophomore

Bryce Aiken                                          Harvard                                           6-0                          Junior

Nickeil Alexander-Walker                 Virginia Tech                                 6-5                          Sophomore

Al-Wajid Aminu                                  North Florida                                  6-7                          Junior

Desmond Bane                                    TCU                                                 6-5                          Junior

RJ Barrett                                              Duke                                                6-7                          Freshman

Charles Bassey                                    Western Kentucky                        6-11                        Freshman

Tyus Battle                                           Syracuse                                          6-6                          Junior

Troy Baxter Jr.                                     FGCU                                               6-8                          Sophomore

Darius Bazley                                      Princeton HS (OH)                        6-9                          Post-Graduate

Kerry Blackshear Jr.                            Virginia Tech                                 6-10                        Junior

Phil Bledsoe                                         Glenville State (WV)                     6-6                          Junior

Bol Bol                                                  Oregon                                             7-2                          Freshman

Marques Bolden                                  Duke                                                6-11                        Junior

Jordan Bone                                         Tennessee                                       6-3                          Junior

Ky Bowman                                         Boston College                               6-1                          Junior

DaQuan Bracey                                   Louisiana Tech                              5-11                        Junior

Keith Braxton                                      St. Francis (PA)                              6-4                          Junior

Ignas Brazdeikis                                  Michigan                                         6-7                          Freshman

Oshae Brissett                                      Syracuse                                       6-8                          Sophomore

Armoni Brooks                                    Houston                                          6-3                          Junior

Charlie Brown Jr.                                 St. Joseph’s                                     6-7                          Sophomore

Moses Brown                                       UCLA                                              7-1                          Freshman

Nico Carvacho                                    Colorado State                               6-11                        Junior

Yoeli Childs                                          BYU                                                 6-8                          Junior

Brandon Clarke                                   Gonzaga                                          6-8                          Junior

Nicolas Claxton                                   Georgia                                            6-11                        Sophomore

Amir Coffey                                        Minnesota                                       6-8                          Junior

RJ Cole                                                  Howard                                           6-1                          Sophomore

Tyler Cook                                           Iowa                                                 6-9                          Junior

Anthony Cowan Jr.                              Maryland                                        6-0                          Junior

Jarrett Culver                                        Texas Tech                                     6-5                          Sophomore

Jarron Cumberland                             Cincinnati                                       6-5                          Junior

Caleb Daniels                                       Tulane                                             6-4                          Sophomore

Tulio Da Silva                                      Missouri State                                6-8                          Junior

Aubrey Dawkins                                  UCF                                                  6-6                          Junior

Javin DeLaurier                                   Duke                                                6-10                        Junior

Silvio De Sousa                                   Kansas                                             6-9                          Sophomore

Mamadi Diakite                                   Virginia                                            6-9                          Junior

Alpha Diallo                                         Providence                                      6-7                          Junior

James Dickey                                       UNCG                                              6-10                        Junior

David DiLeo                                         Central Michigan                           6-7                          Junior

Davon Dillard                                       Shaw (NC)                                      6-5                          Junior

Luguentz Dort                                      Arizona State                                 6-4                          Freshman

Devon Dotson                                      Kansas                                             6-2                          Freshman

Jason Draggs                                         Lee College (TX)                        6-9                          Freshman

Aljami Durham                                    Indiana                                            6-4                          Sophomore

Carsen Edwards                                   Purdue                                             6-1                          Junior

CJ Elleby                                               Washington State                          6-6                          Freshman

Steven Enoch                                       Louisville                                         6-10                        Junior

Bruno Fernando                                  Maryland                                        6-10                        Sophomore

Jaylen Fisher                                         TCU                                                 6-2                          Junior

Savion Flagg                                         Texas A&M                                    6-7                          Sophomore

Daniel Gafford                                    Arkansas                                         6-11                        Sophomore

Darius Garland                                    Vanderbilt                                       6-2                          Freshman

Eugene German                                   Northern Illinois                             6-0                          Junior

TJ Gibbs                                                Notre Dame                                    6-3                          Junior

Quentin Goodin                                   Xavier                                              6-4                          Junior

Tony Goodwin II                                 Redemption Christian (MA)        6-6                          Post-Graduate

Kellan Grady                                        Davidson                                         6-5                          Sophomore

Devonte Green                                     Indiana                                            6-3                          Junior

Quentin Grimes                                    Kansas                                             6-5                          Freshman

Jon Axel Gudmundsson                     Davidson                                         6-4                          Junior

Kyle Guy                                               Virginia                                            6-2                          Junior

Rui Hachimura                                    Gonzaga                                          6-8                          Junior

Jaylen Hands                                        UCLA                                              6-3                          Sophomore

Jerrick Harding                                    Weber State                                    6-1                          Junior

Jared Harper                                         Auburn                                            5-11                        Junior

Kevon Harris                                        Stephen F. Austin                          6-6                          Junior

Jaxson Hayes                                       Texas                                               6-11                        Freshman

Dewan Hernandez                              Miami                                              6-11                        Junior

Tyler Herro                                           Kentucky                                        6-5                          Freshman

Amir Hinton                                         Shaw (NC)                                      6-5                          Junior

Jaylen Hoard                                        Wake Forest                                    6-8                          Freshman

Daulton Hommes                                Point Loma Nazarene (CA)         6-8                          Junior

Talen Horton-Tucker                          Iowa State                                       6-4                          Freshman

De’Andre Hunter                                Virginia                                            6-7                          Sophomore

Ty Jerome                                             Virginia                                            6-5                          Junior

Jayce Johnson                                      Utah                                              7-0                          Junior

Keldon Johnson                                   Kentucky                                        6-6                          Freshman

Markell Johnson                                  North Carolina State                     6-1                          Junior

Tyrique Jones                                       Xavier                                              6-9                          Junior

Mfiondu Kabengele                            Florida State                                   6-10                        Sophomore

Sacha Killeya-Jones                            NC State                                         6-11                        Junior

Louis King                                            Oregon                                             6-9                          Freshman

V.J. King                                               Louisville                                         6-6                          Junior

Nathan Knight                                      William & Mary                            6-10                        Junior

Sagaba Konate                                    West Virginia                                  6-8                          Junior

Martin Krampelj                                  Creighton                                        6-9                          Junior

Romeo Langford                                 Indiana                                            6-6                          Freshman

Cameron Lard                                      Iowa State                                       6-9                          Sophomore

A.J. Lawson                                         South Carolina                               6-6                          Freshman

Dedric Lawson                                    Kansas                                             6-9                          Junior

Jalen Lecque                                        Brewster Academy (NH)             6-3                          Post-Graduate

Jacob Ledoux                                       Texas-Permian Basin                    6-3                          Junior

Nassir Little                                          North Carolina                               6-6                          Freshman

Tevin Mack                                          Alabama                                         6-6                          Junior

Malik Maitland                                    Bethune-Cookman                       5-9                          Guard

Trevor Manuel                                     Olivet (MI)                                     6-9                          Junior

Jermaine Marrow                                Hampton                                        6-0                          Junior

Naji Marshall                                       Xavier                                              6-7                          Sophomore

Charles Matthews                               Michigan                                         6-6                          Junior

Skylar Mays                                         LSU                                                  6-4                          Junior

Jalen McDaniels                                  San Diego State                             6-10                        Sophomore

Davion Mintz                                       Creighton                                        6-3                          Junior

EJ Montgomery                                   Kentucky                                        6-10                        Freshman

Ja Morant                                              Murray State                                  6-3                          Sophomore

Andrew Nembhard                             Florida                                             6-5                          Freshman

Kouat Noi                                              TCU                                                 6-7                          Sophomore

Zach Norvell Jr.                                   Gonzaga                                          6-5                          Sophomore

Jaylen Nowell                                       Washington                                    6-4                          Sophomore

Joel Ntambwe                                      UNLV                                              6-9                          Freshman

Jordan Nwora                                       Louisville                                        6-8                          Sophomore

Chuma Okeke                                      Auburn                                            6-8                          Sophomore

KZ Okpala                                            Stanford                                          6-9                          Sophomore

Miye Oni                                               Yale                                                  6-6                          Junior

Devonte Patterson                               Prairie View A&M                        6-7                          Junior

Reggie Perry                                         Mississippi State                           6-10                        Freshman

Lamar Peters                                        Mississippi State                           6-0                          Junior

Filip Petrusev                                       Gonzaga                                          6-11                        Freshman

Jalen Pickett                                         Siena                                                6-4                          Freshman

Shamorie Ponds                                   St. John’s                                        6-1                          Junior

Jordan Poole                                         Michigan                                         6-5                          Sophomore

Cletrell Pope                                         Bethune-Cookman                       6-9                          Junior

Nik Popovic                                          Boston College                               6-11                        Junior

Jontay Porter                                        Missouri                                        6-11                        Sophomore

Kevin Porter Jr.                                    USC                                                  6-6                          Freshman

Myles Powell                                        Seton Hall                                       6-2                          Junior

Payton Pritchard                                  Oregon                                            6-2                          Junior

Neemias Queta                                    Utah State                                       6-11                        Freshman

Brandon Randolph                             Arizona                                            6-6                          Sophomore

Cam Reddish                                        Duke                                                6-8                          Freshman

Isaiah Reese                                         Canisius                                           6-5                          Junior

Naz Reid                                               LSU                                                  6-10                        Freshman

Nick Richards                                      Kentucky                                        6-11                        Sophomore

LaQuincy Rideau                                South Florida                                  6-1                          Junior

Austin Robinson                                  Kentucky Christian                       6-2                          Sophomore

Isaiah Roby                                          Nebraska                                         6-8                          Junior

Ayinde Russell                                     Morehouse                                      6-3                          Junior

Kevin Samuel                                      TCU                                                 6-11                        Freshman

Paul Scruggs                                         Xavier                                              6-3                          Sophomore

Samir Sehic                                           Tulane                                             6-9                          Junior

Josh Sharkey                                        Samford                                          5-10                        Junior

Simisola Shittu                                     Vanderbilt                                       6-10                        Freshman

Nike Sibande                                        Miami (OH)                                    6-4                          Sophomore

Justin Simon                                         St. John’s                                        6-5                          Junior

D’Marcus Simonds                             Georgia State                                 6-3                          Junior

Ja’Vonte Smart                                    LSU                                                  6-4                          Freshman

Justin Smith                                          Indiana                                            6-7                          Sophomore

Derrik Smits                                         Valparaiso                                      7-1                          Junior

Lamar Stevens                                     Penn State                                       6-8                          Junior

Jalen Sykes                                           St. Clair College (Canada)           6-5                          Junior

Marlon Taylor                                      LSU                                                  6-6                          Junior

Ethan Thompson                                 Oregon State                                  6-5                          Sophomore

Killian Tillie                                          Gonzaga                                          6-10                        Junior

Donnie Tillman                                    Utah                                                 6-7                          Sophomore

Tres Tinkle                                            Oregon State                                  6-8                          Junior

Obi Toppin                                           Dayton                                            6-9                          Freshman

Rayjon Tucker                                     Arkansas-Little Rock                    6-5                          Junior

Justin Turner                                        Bowling Green                               6-4                          Sophomore

Nick Ward                                            Michigan State                              6-8                          Junior

PJ Washington Jr.                                Kentucky                                        6-8                          Sophomore

Tremont Waters                                   LSU                                                  5-11                        Sophomore

Kaleb Wesson                                      Ohio State                                       6-9                          Sophomore

Coby White                                           North Carolina                              6-5                          Freshman

Jimmy Whitt Jr.                                   SMU                                                 6-3                          Junior

Joe Wieskamp                                      Iowa                                                 6-6                          Freshman

Lindell Wigginton                                Iowa State                                       6-2                          Sophomore

Kris Wilkes                                           UCLA                                              6-8                          Sophomore

Charles Williams                                  Howard                                           6-6                          Junior

Emmitt Williams                                  LSU                                                  6-7                          Freshman

Grant Williams                                     Tennessee                                       6-7                          Junior

Zion Williamson                                  Duke                                                6-7                          Freshman

Holland Woods II                                Portland State                                6-0                          Sophomore

Kenny Wooten                                     Oregon                                             6-9                          Sophomore

The following is the list of international players who have applied for early entry into the 2019 NBA Draft:


Player                                                   Team/Country of Team                   Height                   Status

Dikembe Andre                                    Paulistano (Brazil)                               6-9                          1999 DOB

Darko Bajo                                           Cedevita (Croatia)                               6-10                        1999 DOB

Aleksander Balcerowski                     Gran Canaria (Spain)                          7-1                          2000 DOB

Goga Bitadze                                       Buducnost (Montenegro)                   7-0                          1999 DOB

Vrenz Bleijenbergh                             Antwerp (Belgium)                              6-9                          2000 DOB

Adrian Bogucki                                    Radom (Poland)                                  7-1                          1999 DOB

Leandro Bolmaro                                Barcelona (Spain)                                6-6                          2000 DOB

Ognjen Carapic                                   Mega Bemax (Serbia)                         6-4                          1998 DOB

Leo Cizmic                                           Girona (Spain)                                      6-8                          1998 DOB

Digue Diawara                                     Pau Orthez (France)                            6-9                          1998 DOB

Nenad Dimitrijevic                              Joventut (Spain)                                   6-1                          1998 DOB

Felipe Dos Anjos                                 Melilla (Spain)                                     7-2                          1998 DOB

Yago Dos Santos                                 Paulistano (Brazil)                               5-10                        1999 DOB

Sekou Doumbouya                             Limoges (France)                                6-8                          2000 DOB

Henri Drell                                            Baunach (Germany)                           6-9                          2000 DOB

Paul Eboua                                           Roseto (Italy)                                       6-8                          2000 DOB

Osas Ehigiator                                      Fuenlabrada (Spain)                           6-10                        1999 DOB

Biram Faye                                           Avila (Spain)                                        6-9                          2000 DOB

Ivan Fevrier                                          Levallois (France)                               6-9                          1999 DOB

Aleix Font                                             Barcelona (Spain)                                6-4                          1998 DOB

Philipp Herkenhoff                             Vechta (Germany)                               6-10                        1999 DOB

Dalibor Ilic                                            Igokea (Bosnia)                                   6-8                          2000 DOB

Matas Jogela                                        Dzukija (Lithuania)                            6-6                          1998 DOB

Panagiotis Kalaitzakis                        Holargos (Greece)                                6-6                          1999 DOB

Mate Kalajzic                                       Split (Croatia)                                      6-2                          1998 DOB

Lukasz Kolenda                                   Trefl Sopot (Poland)                           6-5                          1999 DOB

Marcos Louzada Silva                        Franca (Brazil)                                     6-5                          1999 DOB

Andrija Marjanovic                            Mega Bemax (Serbia)                         6-8                          1999 DOB

Gytis Masiulis                                      Neptunas (Lithuania)                          6-9                          1998 DOB

Jonas Mattisseck                                 Alba Berlin (Germany)                      6-5                          2000 DOB

William McDowell-White                  Baunach (Germany)                           6-5                          1998 DOB

Nikita Mikhailovskii                           Avtodor (Russia)                                 6-6                          2000 DOB

Nikola Miskovic                                  Mega Bemax (Serbia)                         6-10                        1999 DOB

Adam Mokoka                                    Mega Bemax (Serbia)                         6-5                          1998 DOB

Muhaymin Mustafa                            Tofas (Turkey)                                     6-5                          1999 DOB

Toni Nakic                                            Sibenik (Croatia)                                 6-8                          1999 DOB

Abdoulaye N’Doye                             Cholet (France)                                    6-7                          1998 DOB

Tanor Ngom                                         Ryerson (Canada)                               7-2                          1998 DOB

Joshua Obiesie                                      Wurzburg (Germany)                         6-6                          2000 DOB

David Okeke                                        Fiat Torino (Italy)                               6-8                          1998 DOB

Louis Olinde                                         Brose Baskets (Germany)                  6-9                          1998 DOB

Zoran Paunovic                                   FMP (Serbia)                                        6-7                          2000 DOB

Dino Radoncic                                     Murcia (Spain)                                     6-8                          1999 DOB

Sander Raieste                                     Baskonia (Spain)                                 6-8                          1999 DOB

Neal Sako                                             Levallois (France)                               6-10                        1998 DOB

Luka Samanic                                      Olimpija (Slovenia)                             6-10                        2000 DOB

Tadas Sedekerskis                               Baskonia (Spain)                                 6-8                          1998 DOB

Njegos Sikiras                                      Tormes (Spain)                                    6-9                          1999 DOB

Borisa Simanic                                     Crvena Zvezda (Serbia)                      6-11                        1998 DOB

Deividas Sirvydis                                 Rytas (Lithuania)                                6-7                          2000 DOB

Khadim Sow                                         ASVEL (France)                                  6-11                        1999 DOB

Filip Stanic                                           Mega Bemax (Serbia)                         6-10                        1998 DOB

Michael Uchendu                                Coruna (Spain)                                     6-10                        1998 DOB

Bastien Vautier                                    Nancy (France)                                    6-11                        1998 DOB

Arnas Velicka                                       Tartu Ulikool (Estonia)                      6-4                          1999 DOB

Warren Woghiren                                Cholet (France)                                    6-10                        1998 DOB

Arturs Zagars                                       Joventut (Spain)                                   6-3                          2000 DOB

Yovel Zoosman                                   Maccabi Tel Aviv (Israel)                  6-7                          1998 DOB

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