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NEW YORK, April 28, 2020 – The National Basketball Association announced today that 205 players — 163 players from colleges and other educational institutions and 42 international players — have filed as early entry candidates for the 2020 NBA Draft presented by State Farm.

Players who have applied for early entry have the right to withdraw their names from consideration for the Draft by notifying the NBA of their decision in writing 10 days prior to the 2020 NBA Draft.

 Following is the list of players from colleges and other educational institutions who have applied for early entry into the 2020 NBA Draft.




Player                                      School                                      Height                                                Status

Precious Achiuwa                     Memphis                                  6-9                                                Freshman

Milan Acquaah                         California Baptist                      6-3                                                Junior

Jordyn Adams                           Austin Peay                              6-3                                                Freshman

Abdul Ado                                Mississippi State                       6-11                                                Junior

Ty-Shon Alexander                   Creighton                                 6-4                                                Junior

Timmy Allen                            Utah                                         6-6                                                Sophomore

Derrick Alston Jr.                      Boise State                               6-9                                                Junior

Cole Anthony                           North Carolina                          6-3                                                Freshman

Joel Ayayi                                Gonzaga                                   6-5                                                Sophomore

Brendan Bailey                         Marquette                                 6-8                                                Sophomore

Saddiq Bey                               Villanova                                  6-8                                                Sophomore

Tyler Bey                                 Colorado                                  6-7                                                Junior

Jermaine Bishop                       Norfolk State                            6-1                                                Junior

Jomaru Brown                          Eastern Kentucky                      6-2                                                Sophomore

Marcus Burk                             IUPUI                                      6-3                                                Junior

Dachon Burke Jr.                      Nebraska                                  6-4                                                Junior

Jordan Burns                             Colgate                                     6-0                                                Junior

Jared Butler                              Baylor                                      6-3                                                Sophomore

Manny Camper                         Siena                                        6-7                                                Junior

Vernon Carey Jr.                       Duke                                        6-10                                                Freshman

Marcus Carr                              Minnesota                                6-2                                                Sophomore

Tamenang Choh                        Brown                                      6-5                                                Junior

Kofi Cockburn                          Illinois                                      7-0                                                Freshman

David Collins                            South Florida                            6-3                                                Junior

Zach Cooks                              NJIT                                         5-9                                                Junior

Jalen Crutcher                           Dayton                                     6-1                                                Junior

Ryan Daly                                St. Joseph’s                              6-5                                                Junior

Nate Darling                             Delaware                                  6-5                                                Junior

Darius Days                              LSU                                         6-6                                                Sophomore

Dexter Dennis                           Wichita State                            6-5                                                Sophomore

Lamine Diane                           CSUN                                      6-7                                                Sophomore

Ayo Dosunmu                           Illinois                                      6-5                                                Sophomore

Devon Dotson                           Kansas                                     6-2                                                Sophomore

Nojel Eastern                            Purdue                                      6-7                                                Junior

Anthony Edwards                      Georgia                                    6-5                                                Freshman

CJ Elleby                                  Washington State                      6-6                                                Sophomore

Mason Faulkner                        Western Carolina                      6-1                                                Junior

LJ Figueroa                               St. John’s                                  6-6                                                Junior

Malik Fitts                                St. Mary’s                                 6-8                                                Junior

Malachi Flynn                           San Diego State                        6-1                                                Junior

Blake Francis                            Richmond                                 6-0                                                Junior

Hasahn French                          St. Louis                                   6-7                                                Junior

DJ Funderburk                          NC State                                   6-10                                                Junior

Both Gach                                Utah                                         6-6                                                Sophomore

Alonzo Gaffney                        Ohio State                                 6-9                                                Freshman

Luka Garza                               Iowa                                         6-11                                                Junior

Jacob Gilyard                            Richmond                                 5-9                                                Junior

Grant Golden                            Richmond                                 6-10                                                Junior

Jordan Goodwin                        St. Louis                                   6-3                                                Junior

Tony Goodwin II                       Redemption Academy (MA)      6-6                                                Post-Graduate

Jayvon Graves                          Buffalo                                     6-3                                                Junior

AJ Green                                  Northern Iowa                           6-4                                                Sophomore

Darin Green Jr.                         UCF                                         6-4                                                Freshman

Josh Green                                Arizona                                    6-6                                                Freshman

Ashton Hagans                         Kentucky                                  6-3                                                Sophomore

Tyrese Haliburton                     Iowa State                                 6-5                                                Sophomore

Josh Hall                                  Moravian Prep (NC)                  6-8                                                Post-Graduate

Rayshaun Hammonds                Georgia                                    6-9                                                Junior

Jalen Harris                              Nevada                                     6-5                                                Junior

Niven Hart                                Fresno State                              6-5                                                Freshman

Aaron Henry                             Michigan State                          6-6                                                Sophomore

Jalen Hill                                  UCLA                                      6-10                                                Sophomore

Nate Hinton                              Houston                                    6-5                                                Sophomore

Jay Huff                                   Virginia                                    7-1                                                Junior

Elijah Hughes                           Syracuse                                   6-6                                                Junior

Feron Hunt                               SMU                                        6-8                                                Sophomore

Chance Hunter                          Long Beach State                      6-6                                                Sophomore

DeJon Jarreau                           Houston                                    6-5                                                Junior

Damien Jefferson                      Creighton                                 6-5                                                Junior

Isaiah Joe                                 Arkansas                                  6-5                                                Sophomore

Dakari Johnson                         Cape Fear CC (NC)                   6-0                                                Freshman

Jalen Johnson                           Louisiana                                  6-7                                                Junior

Andre Jones                              Nicholls State                           6-4                                                Junior

C.J. Jones                                 MTSU                                      6-5                                                Junior

Herbert Jones                            Alabama                                   6-7                                                Junior

Mason Jones                             Arkansas                                  6-5                                                Junior

Tre Jones                                  Duke                                        6-3                                                Sophomore

Corey Kispert                           Gonzaga                                   6-7                                                Junior

Kameron Langley                      NC A&T                                  6-2                                                Junior

AJ Lawson                               South Carolina                          6-6                                                Sophomore

Saben Lee                                 Vanderbilt                                6-2                                                Junior

Kira Lewis Jr.                           Alabama                                   6-3                                                Sophomore

Matt Lewis                               James Madison                         6-5                                                Junior

Isaiah Livers                             Michigan                                  6-7                                                Junior

Denzel Mahoney                       Creighton                                 6-5                                                Junior

Makur Maker                            Pacific Academy (CA)               7-0                                                Post-Graduate

Sandro Mamukelashvili             Seton Hall                                6-11                                                Junior

Tre Mann                                 Florida                                      6-4                                                Freshman

Nico Mannion                           Arizona                                    6-3                                                Freshman

Naji Marshall                            Xavier                                      6-7                                                Junior

Kenyon Martin Jr.                     IMG Academy (FL)                   6-7                                                Post-Graduate

Remy Martin                            Arizona State                            6-0                                                Junior

Tyrese Maxey                           Kentucky                                  6-3                                                Freshman

Mac McClung                           Georgetown                              6-2                                                Sophomore

Jaden McDaniels                      Washington                              6-9                                                Freshman

Isiaha Mike                               SMU                                        6-8                                                Junior

Isaiah Miller                             UNCG                                      6-0                                                Junior

Matt Mitchell                            San Diego State                        6-6                                                Junior

EJ Montgomery                        Kentucky                                  6-10                                                Sophomore

Andrew Nembhard                    Florida                                      6-5                                                Sophomore

Aaron Nesmith                          Vanderbilt                                6-6                                                Sophomore

Zeke Nnaji                                Arizona                                    6-11                                                Freshman

Obadiah Noel                            Massachusetts-Lowell               6-4                                                Junior

Jordan Nwora                           Louisville                                 6-7                                                Junior

Onyeka Okongwu                     USC                                         6-9                                                Freshman

Isaac Okoro                              Auburn                                     6-6                                                Freshman

Elijah Olaniyi                           Stony Brook                             6-5                                                Junior

Daniel Oturu                             Minnesota                                6-10                                                Sophomore

Reggie Perry                             Mississippi State                       6-10                                                Sophomore

Filip Petrusev                            Gonzaga                                   6-11                                                Sophomore

John Petty Jr.                            Alabama                                   6-5                                                Junior

Nate Pierre-Louis                      Temple                                     6-4                                                Junior

Xavier Pinson                           Missouri                                   6-2                                                Sophomore

Yves Pons                                Tennessee                                 6-6                                                Junior

Immanuel Quickley                   Kentucky                                  6-3                                                Sophomore

Darius Quisenberry                   Youngstown State                     6-1                                                Sophomore

Jahmi’us Ramsey                      Texas Tech                               6-4                                                Freshman

Paul Reed Jr.                             DePaul                                     6-9                                                Junior

Nick Richards                           Kentucky                                  6-11                                                Junior

Colbey Ross                             Pepperdine                                6-1                                                Junior

Fatts Russell                             Rhode Island                             5-10                                                Junior

Joe Saterfield                            Ranger CC (TX)                        6-4                                                Freshman

Jayden Scrubb                           John A. Logan College (IL)       6-6                                                Sophomore

Aamir Simms                            Clemson                                   6-9                                                Junior

Ja’Vonte Smart                         LSU                                         6-4                                                Sophomore

Chris Smith                               UCLA                                      6-9                                                Junior

Collin Smith                             UCF                                         6-11                                                Junior

Jalen Smith                               Maryland                                  6-10                                                Sophomore

Justin Smith                              Indiana                                     6-7                                                Junior

Mitchell Smith                          Missouri                                   6-10                                                Junior

Stef Smith                                 Vermont                                   6-1                                                Junior

Ben Stanley                              Hampton                                  6-6                                                Sophomore

Cassius Stanley                         Duke                                        6-6                                                Freshman

Isaiah Stewart                           Washington                              6-9                                                Freshman

Parker Stewart                          UT-Martin                                6-5                                                Sophomore

Terry Taylor                             Austin Peay                              6-5                                                Junior

MaCio Teague                          Baylor                                      6-3                                                Junior

Tyrell Terry                              Stanford                                    6-1                                                Freshman

Justin Thomas                           Morehead State                         5-11                                                Junior

Ethan Thompson                       Oregon State                             6-5                                                Junior

Xavier Tillman Sr.                     Michigan State                          6-8                                                Junior

Jeremiah Tilmon                       Missouri                                   6-10                                                Junior

Obi Toppin                               Dayton                                     6-9                                                Sophomore

Jordan Tucker                           Butler                                       6-7                                                Junior

Devin Vassell                           Florida State                             6-6                                                Sophomore

Alonzo Verge Jr.                       Arizona State                            6-3                                                Junior

Chris Vogt                                Cincinnati                                 7-1                                                Junior

CJ Walker                                Ohio State                                 6-1                                                Junior

Trendon Watford                       LSU                                         6-9                                                Freshman

Ibi Watson                                Dayton                                     6-5                                                Junior

Nick Weatherspoon                   Mississippi State                       6-2                                                Junior

Kaleb Wesson                           Ohio State                                 6-9                                                Junior

Jarrod West                              Marshall                                   5-11                                                Junior

Romello White                          Arizona State                            6-8                                                Junior

Kahlil Whitney                         Kentucky                                  6-6                                                Freshman

DeAndre Williams                    Evansville                                 6-9                                                Sophomore

Emmitt Williams                       LSU                                         6-6                                                Sophomore

Keith Williams                          Cincinnati                                 6-5                                                Junior

Patrick Williams                       Florida State                             6-8                                                Freshman

James Wiseman                        Memphis                                  7-1                                                Freshman

Robert Woodard II                    Mississippi State                       6-7                                                Sophomore

McKinley Wright IV                 Colorado                                  6-0                                                Junior

Omer Yurtseven                        Georgetown                              7-0                                                Junior


The following is the list of international players who have applied for early entry into the 2020 NBA Draft:

Player                                      Team/Country of Team           Height                                                Status

Berke Atar                                MZT Skopje (Macedonia)          6-11                                                1999 DOB

Deni Avdija                              Maccabi Tel Aviv (Israel)          6-8                                                2001 DOB

Brancou Badio                          Barcelona (Spain)                      6-3                                                1999 DOB

Darko Bajo                               Split (Croatia)                           6-10                                                1999 DOB

Philippe Bayehe                        Roseto (Italy)                            6-9                                                1999 DOB

Marek Blazevic                         Rytas (Lithuania)                      6-10                                                2001 DOB

Adrian Bogucki                        Radom (Poland)                        7-1                                                1999 DOB

Leandro Bolmaro                      Barcelona (Spain)                      6-6                                                2000 DOB

Vinicius Da Silva                      Prat (Spain)                               7-0                                                2001 DOB

Henri Drell                               Pesaro (Italy)                            6-9                                                2000 DOB

Imru Duke                                Zentro Basket (Spain)                6-8                                                1999 DOB

Michele Ebeling                        Kleb Ferrara (Italy)                    6-9                                                1999 DOB

Paul Eboua                               Pesaro (Italy)                            6-8                                                2000 DOB

Osas Ehigiator                           Fuenlabrada (Spain)                  6-10                                                1999 DOB

Joel Ekamba                             Limoges (France)                      6-5                                                2001 DOB

Selim Fofana                            Neuchatel (Switzerland)            6-3                                                1999 DOB

Miguel Gonzalez                       Baskonia (Spain)                       6-7                                                1999 DOB

Killian Hayes                            Ratiopharm Ulm (Germany)      6-5                                                2001 DOB

Sehmus Hazer                           Bandirma (Turkey)                    6-3                                                1999 DOB

Rokas Jokubaitis                       Zalgiris (Lithuania)                   6-4                                                2000 DOB

Georgios Kalaitzakis                 Nevezis (Lithuania)                   6-8                                                1999 DOB

Vit Krejci                                 Zaragoza (Spain)                       6-8                                                2000 DOB

Arturs Kurucs                           VEF Riga (Latvia)                     6-3                                                2000 DOB

Dut Mabor                                Roseto (Italy)                            7-1                                                2001 DOB

Yam Madar                              Hapoel Tel Aviv (Israel)            6-2                                                2000 DOB

Theo Maledon                          ASVEL (France)                       6-4                                                2001 DOB

Karim Mane                             Vanier (Canada)                        6-5                                                2000 DOB

Sergi Martinez                          Barcelona (Spain)                      6-8                                                1999 DOB

Nikola Miskovic                       Mega Bemax (Serbia)                6-10                                                1999 DOB

Aristide Mouaha                       Roseto (Italy)                            6-3                                                2000 DOB

Caio Pacheco                            Bahia Basket (Argentina)           6-3                                                1999 DOB

Joel Parra                                  Joventut (Spain)                        6-8                                                2000 DOB

Aleksej Pokusevski                   Olympiacos (Greece)                 7-0                                                2001 DOB

Sander Raieste                          Kalev/Cramo (Estonia)              6-9                                                1999 DOB

Nikolaos Rogkavopoulos           AEK (Greece)                           6-8                                                2001 DOB

Yigitcan Saybir                         Anadolu Efes (Turkey)              6-7                                                1999 DOB

Njegos Sikiras                           Fuenlabrada (Spain)                  6-9                                                1999 DOB

Marko Simonovic                      Mega Bemax (Serbia)                6-11                                                1999 DOB

Mouhamed Thiam                     Nanterre (France)                      6-9                                                2001 DOB

Uros Trifunovic                         Partizan (Serbia)                       6-7                                                2000 DOB

Arnas Velicka                           Prienai (Lithuania)                    6-4                                                1999 DOB

Andrii Voinalovych                   Khimik (Ukraine)                      6-10                                                1999 DOB


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