(WHBC) – The City of North Canton has a new plan to increase economic development in the downtown area, and in the Hoover District in particular.

Mayor David Held says, through Ohio’s Downtown Redevelopment District Program, they plan to take some of the tax dollars generated by the increase in property taxes in the Hoover District and reinvest it back into the area to spur even more development.

On with Canton’s Morning News, the mayor says their goal is to attract more jobs and more millennials.

“What we’ve learned is that they (millennials) are very attracted to mixed-use developments, when you have residential units mixed with retail and commercial development, that’s what the goal is.”

City Council has introduced legislation to create eight Hoover District Downtown Redevelopment Districts that the city is hoping will be the site of new mixed-use projects in the area of the company’s former headquarters.

As for the plan to put residential suites in the area, Held says the developer is still working on that project and is looking to bring in another developer to help bring the project to completion.