November 2nd 2021 – General Election – Results HERE

Below is a list of the contested races and some of the more prominent issues on the ballot. PLUS, don’t forget you can tune in for a complete election wrap up on Canton’s Morning News with Pam Cook.  Jim Michaels will have the results.



(i = incumbent)

Canton Treasurer:

Kim Perez (D,I)


Massillon Council at Large: (3 to elect)

Ted Herncane (D,I)

Ed Lewis IV (R,I)

Jamie Slutz (R,I)

Massillon Council Ward 2:

Jim Tieret (R,I)

Massillon Council Ward 3:

Mike Gregg (R,I)

Massillon Council Ward 4:

Jill Creamer (D,I)

Massillon Council Ward 5:

Julie Smith (Rep)

Massillon Council Ward 6:

Michael Snee (Rep) leads Joe Herrick (D) 337-325


Alliance Council At-Large (3 to elect)

Kristopher Bugara (R,I)

Jack Madison (Rep)

Phillip Mastroianni (R,I)


North Canton Mayor:

Stephan Wilder (I)

North Canton Council At-Large (3 to elect)

Daryl Revoldt (I)

Matthew Stroia (I)

Christine Wayrick

North Canton Council Ward 2

David Metheney

North Canton Council Ward 4

John Orr


Louisville Council At-Large

Corey M. Street (I)

Jim Taylor


Canal Fulton Council At-Large (4 to elect)

Mark Cozy

Susan Mayberry (I)

Doug Morgan (I)

Eric Whittington


Jackson Township Trustee (2 to elect)

Todd Hawke (I)

John Pizzino (I)


Perry Township Trustee (2 to elect)

Lisa Dyer

Matt Miller


Canton Township Trustee (2 to elect)

Chris Nichols (I)

Mark Shaffer (I)




ALL RENEWAL ISSUES PASSED, including Alliance, Minerva and Sandy Valley Schools, as well as the three Lawrence Township fire levies.

#2 North Canton 3.3 mill combined 1.5 mills renewal and 1.8 mill increase for emergency medical services for 5 years

#3 North Canton 1.5 mill additional fire levy for five years

#8 Hills and Dales charter amendments

#13 Local Option for Jerzeez Cafe Downtown Sunday Liquor Sales

#15 Local Option for Canton Palace Theater Sunday Liquor Sales


#6 Navarre additional point-25-percent income tax

#7 Hartville additional point-5-percent income tax for police



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