(ONN) – Following the drowning of a local child at a state park in Guernsey County, wildlife officials are reminding Ohioans of how to stay safe on the water.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources says a life jacket is the most important piece of equipment to bring to the water to protect your children from drowning.

Already this year, the ODNR says six people have drowned during boating accidents.

Life jackets come in all shapes and sizes so it’s important parents get the right one for the size and weight of your child.

Ohio laws say any child under the age of 10 must have a life jacket on in a boat under 18 feet.

A boy from North Canton drowned while boating with his family over the weekend.

7-year-old Afton Taylor’s body was recovered from Salt Fork Lake in Guernsey County on Monday morning.

He reportedly was not wearing a life jacket when he fell from a boat into the water.