ODOT PIO Grabs CDL to Give Assist on Snowy Roads

AKRON, Ohio (News Talk 1480 WHBC) – Ray Marsch is one of the Akron-based ODOT folks who fills us in on construction, closed roads and more.

But when it begins snowing hard, Marsch grabs his CDL and jumps behind the wheel of a snowplow, working 12-hour shifts to clear the state roads.

From his first-person vantage point, he reminds us that plows travel a maximum 35 miles an hour while working.

And that can be as slow as 10 miles an hour on bridges.

He doesn’t want to throw snow and ice onto roads, railroad tracks and bike paths below the bridge.

Also, when two plows are working in “tandem” on the freeway, Ray says don’t try and drive between them.