Ryan Day’s Ohio State Buckeyes are ranked number 1 in the first College Football Playoff Poll of the season. OSU finished ahead of number 2 LSU, followed by number 3 Alabama and number 4 Penn State. Defending national champ Clemson was ranked number 5 by the CFP Committee in the first of six rankings.

Ohio State (8-0) will host unranked Maryland this Saturday at 12pm.

While this is great to talk about, and it gives the committee a baseline for their rankings, the only rankings that really matter are the 6th and final rankings of the top 4 teams. Those will then be the four teams who will participate in the College Football Playoff.  The final rankings will be announced on December 8, 2019.

Rounding out the committee’s original Top 10 is Georgia at number 6, Oregon at number 7, Utah at number 8, Oklahoma at number 9 and Florida at number 10. 

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