Ohio Transgender Bill to Become Law With Senate Veto Override

COLUMBUS, Ohio (News Talk 1480 WHBC and ONN) – With a veto override by the Ohio Senate yesterday, the state in 90 days will stop doctors from prescribing hormones, puberty blockers and surgery for those under 18.

House Bill 68 restricts other transgender care for minors and keeps transgender females off of women’s high school and college sports teams.

The governor had vetoed the bill over the holidays, but now both the House and Senate have overridden that veto.

Gender-affirming care is a recognized medical practice, but State Rep Kristina Roegner of Hudson says gender is assigned at conception.

There may be lawsuits to come, but Senate President Matt Huffman believes the law will withstand court tests.

Those protesting the bill have been a regular fixture both inside and outside the Statehouse.