If you’re planning to eat-and-drink your way through Memorial Day weekend, this might help with the guilt . . .

A new study found our bodies actually bounce back fairly quickly after a big day of gluttony.  And occasional overeating probably won’t cause long-term issues.  But that doesn’t mean you can overindulge EVERY weekend.

Researchers had people overeat for five straight days to simulate how you might act around a big holiday weekend.  Each person added 1,000 calories a day to their diet.  And it turns out our bodies are pretty good at coping with it.  Because it didn’t have any significant long-term effects on metabolism or insulin levels.

Here’s the catch though:  All the volunteers were YOUNG people who were in decent shape.  So it’s not clear how an overweight 50-year-old body responds.

The researchers also don’t want us to use this as an excuse to overeat all the time.  Because they also had volunteers increase their calorie intake for a full month.  And that DID affect things like weight and insulin response.

It also had a much larger effect on visceral body fat.  Which is the fat around your vital organs that can lead to things like type 2 diabetes.

But if you normally exercise and eat healthy, they say you shouldn’t feel too guilty about cheat days, or eating more around the holida

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