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Who can believe that we are already at Week 10 of High School Football?   Many will call this rivalry week and rightfully so.  One of the greatest games of course is McKinley-Massillon.

Other great games are Hoover-Jackson, Fairless-Tuslaw, the Holy War, St. Thomas Aquinas vs. Central, and  Alliance-Marlington to just name a few.

Week 10 also bring the anxiety of what’s ahead for next week.  Week 11 is about math, the dreaded Computer points.  There are 1st level points and 2nd level points all making up your total points.

Points are based on who you beat, what division is your opponent, and then of the teams you beat, what is their point total.  Computer points vary from week to week and often times week 10 games have a ton of meaning.

Let’s take a quick look at our Stark County teams.  We have 20 teams, 13 of them could be playing in Week 11. 

Div. 1 – McKinley and Jackson are in and will be hosting a game next week.  GlenOak is most likely in but will play on the road next Friday.

Div. 2 – North Canton and Massillon are in and will be hosting a game next week.  Green and Lake are most likely in.  A Green win over Lake could keep them in the top 8.  Lake most likely will be on the road next week.

Div. 3 – Marlington sits at 18 and needs a win over Alliance and then a lot of 2nd level points to get in the top 16.  Alliance and Louisville are out.

Div. 4 – Fairless is 6th in the region, a win Friday could keep them in the top 8 and host a game.  Northwest ranked 13th and a win would keep them in the top 16. Canton South must win and get some help to stay in the top 16. Minerva is out.

Div. 5 – Sandy Valley is ranked 12th, they will need to win and get some help to remain in the top 16.  Tuslaw is out.

Div. 6 – East Canton is rank 8th, needs to win and could be hosting a game next week.  Central Catholic is currently 12th and a win this week should keep them in the to 16.  St. Thomas is out.


The beauty of rivalry week is so much can change based on the outcome of the week 10 games.  Go luck to everyone and enjoy the games.

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