Former Prosecutor Quentin Brogdon joined Gary Rivers today to answer questions regarding online review sites.

Posting reviews has become second nature for many consumers nowadays – 82 percent of adults say they read online reviews at least some of the time, according to a Pew Research Center Study – so when they have a bad experience with a business, up goes a review, to share it with others.  

 But for one man in Florida, what he thought was a simple review turned into a year-long battle in court. “I never thought I’d be sued over anything that I write. There’s no reason to say anything but the truth,” said Tom Lloyd, of DeLand, Florida.  

 But Lloyd said telling the truth got him in trouble. He was sued by the company he disparaged online.

Questions Brogdon answered:

  • Aren’t Reviews protected by the First Amendment?
  • Doesn’t the Consumer Review Fairness Act protect us as well?

Hear the Interview with Quentin Brogdon: