The We Build The Wall organization announced yesterday the completion of the first section of southern border security barrier, paid from a portion of the over $20 million raised by that organization’s GoFund Me Campaign.

Amanda Shea, We Build the Wall Social Media Director, spoke to Gary Rivers from the construction site on Wednesday morning.

A surprising development happened Tuesday evening, when the Mayor of Sunland Park issued a cease-and-desist order, saying it was in violation of city ordinances.    George Cudahy, whose company owns the land where the wall is being built, submitted an application for a building permit last week, but Sunland Park officials believe the application was incomplete.

photo: Amanda Shea

Shea explained the status of the construction, along with sharing future plans:

Setting the Record Straight

  • To date, founder Brian Kolfage has raised approximately US$22 million to privately fund the wall.
  • Once the GoFundMe transitioned to a 501c4, all donors were contacted and asked if they wanted their donation to be refunded or if they want it to count toward the new “WeBuildTheWall, Inc.”
  • The default setting was that if 90 days went by without confirmation, the donor would be automatically refunded so as to ensure their money was allocated with their consent.


About WeBuildTheWall

WeBuildTheWall Inc. evolved after Brian Kolfage launched a GoFundMe campaign at on December 17, 2018. By December 31, 2018, the campaign raised over $18 Million. Following this instant success, Mr. Kolfage consulted with some of the country’s leading professionals in law, politics, national security, construction, and finance concerning the best and most direct method to succeed in his mission.