Why The Cavs Will Beat Boston

Here are 5 reason why the Cleveland Cavaliers will defeat the Boston Celtics in the 2018 Eastern Conference Finals.

K-Love In Rhythm – It looks like Kevin Love is healthy and more importantly has his confidence back. He averaged 20pts-11reb vs Toronto last round and he averaged a double/double vs the Celtics in the playoffs last year. Al Horford can push him around like Indiana did and isn’t more athletic than Love. This is a good match up for Kevin, unless Brad Stevens has something up his sleeve defensively?

Top Of The Hill – George Hill looks healthy and is starting to play like the 2-way player the Cavs thought they traded for. Plus he takes some of the pressure off of LeBron James in bringing the ball up the court, which is huge so James doesn’t have to exert as much effort when he’s out on the floor. If Hill can get you 10 points, five assists and play solid defense every game, he may not completely win the point guard battle with Terry Rozier, but it will be what the Cavaliers need to advance.

Been There Done That – The Cavs have NBA Championship winning experience from LeBron, K-Love, J.R. Smith and Tristan. Plus plenty of winning NBA Playoff experience from Kyle Korver and George Hill. This cannot be underestimated in a series of this magnitude. Nobody that is currently playing on this talented, but very young Boston team has that. As AC tells Fred all the time, “Pressure Burst Pipes”!

Sharp Shooters – While the stats in the postseason say these teams are even, the Cavs are the better 3-point shooting team with snipers Kyle Korver, J.R. Smith and Kevin Love. Yes there may be one or two games where the Cavaliers don’t shoot it well from beyond the arc, and it will be frustrating, but they will win the battle of the long ball in this series and gladly trade two points for three points on a lot of possessions.

It’s Good To Have The King – The Cavs have LeBron James, the best player in the series, who just happens to be the best player in the world and he is playing arguably his best and most efficient basketball of his career. He’s averaging 34ppg-9rpg-9apg this postseason. Oh yeah, his teams are 23-0 in Eastern Conference playoff series over the last 8 years. In order to be the man, you’ve got to beat the man, and until somebody does, I’m not picking against King James in any Eastern Conference playoff series. Woooooooooo!




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