A former Jackson Local School teacher is suing the district – a story we reported to you last week.   An Arizona-based Christian legal advocacy group has come to the aid of the teacher.  She says lost her job amidst efforts by two middle school students to change their gender identity.  Vivian Geraghty says she was forced to resign from her job back in August.  Alliance Defending Freedom attorney is suing the district in federal court.  Geraghty told the district she could not address the children differently because it would violate her religious beliefs.  The attorneys say the sides might have been able to find some middle ground between the parties.  An injunction filed in the case asks that Geraghty be immediately returned to her job.

ATTORNEY LOGAN SPENA ON LIVE AND LOCAL WITH JORDAN MILLER FRIDAY 12/16 AT 10:15am.  If you miss the interview, check Jordan Miller’s Show page to listen any time.  HERE is the statement from the school district:





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