The return of the Jingle Elf!

First off, just wanted to thank everyone who registered in the WHBC Christmas Cash Giveaway.  It was so much fun seeing people get so excited (to see me in that outfit) err… to win $500!  Huge thanks to my partner in crime too, Sara the Wonder Elf and, of course, Lucy the Christmas dog.  Stay tuned for more chances to win with Kenny and JT. Rumor has it, this won’t be the last cash giving contest!

On to the real stuff… OHIO STATE! What a roller coaster of emotions over the weekend. From the high of all highs and an outright Big Ten title to the lowest of lows and NOT getting into the college football playoffs.  I can sit here and make arguments for either side but my main three thoughts are this.

#1 Take care of business November 4 at Iowa or at least keep it close.

#2 How is the 3rd best team in the SEC somehow a better fit to be in the playoffs than the Big Ten Champions?

#3 Stop scheduling ranked power 5 conference opponents in the regular season.

Strength of schedule apparently means nothing. During the BCS era, it made sense to have strong non conference opponents but obviously means nothing now.  Why take a chance on losing a meaningless game?  Oh well, now we know how it feels to be Penn St. or TCU.  Buckeyes really have no one to blame but the mirror.

Cavs go for number 12 tonight, how ironic the Browns are now 0-12!  Lol ’nuff said!  Who’s the next coach?  Who’s number 1 draft pick?

I also want to thank the City of Canton, the Pro Football Hall of Fame & Tom Benson HOF Stadium for hosting a stellar weekend!  The OHSAA State Football Championships are back.  Were there some hick-ups in the process?  Of course there were but in the long run, it’s good to have the games back in Canton. Well done!  JT




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