Rivalry week…

Who can believe that we are at week 10 of WHBC’s 75th year of covering high school football?  

When you think of rivalries, there is no better rivalry game than McKinley-Massillon.  Saturday’s game marks the 130th time they have played.  

Interesting numbers:

  • Series started: 1894
  • Number of games played: 129
  • Massillon wins: 71
  • McKinley wins: 53
  • Ties: 5
  • Massillon points scored: 1,905
  • McKinley points scored: 1,711
  • Massillon averages 26.8 ppg in there 71 wins
  • McKinley averages 32.3 ppg in there 53 wins

Rival games can proved to supply some great numbers, but like you hear all of the time, throw the numbers out, it is McKinley-Massillon. Strap up those helmets young men and lets play some football!

Kudos player… this week my pick is not a player from last week but a game this week.  Friday Dover-New Philadelphia will meet for the 116th time.   These two cities will attest that their rivalry can be rank with the Bulldogs-Tigers.

See you at a stadium this weekend.