Road Trips:  Good thing or Bad thing?  Find Out Here

It’s summer . . . and gas prices are actually FALLING . . . so it’s time to plan that road trip you’ve been talking about doing.

According to a new survey, a whopping 93% of Americans enjoy road trips . . . and 68% plan to hit the road sometime this summer.  People were asked WHY they like road trips, and there were some differences based on age.

1.  Gen Z is more likely than other generations to say they enjoy road trips because of bonding time.

2.  Millennials are more likely to say they enjoy road trips for adventure.

3.  Baby Boomers are more likely to say they enjoy road trips for scenic views.  They’re also more likely to mention the flexibility . . . and more likely to appreciate the cost savings, compared to other forms of travel.

4.  Gen X wasn’t particularly notable, compared to the others.

Here are some other stats from the survey:

The most popular road trip destination is Florida, followed by California, and Georgia.  But it depends where you live.

Westerners are more likely to plan a visit to California or Arizona . . . Midwesterners are more likely to go to Florida, Illinois, or Michigan . . . Southerners have Florida and Georgia high on their list for 2024 . . . and Northeasterners are looking at New York and Massachusetts.

The most popular TYPE of road trip destination was a BEACH.  A family or friend’s house is next, followed by the mountains . . . a national park . . . a lake . . . a historic site . . . a campground . . . and a theme park.

And how long should the road trip be?  Overall, the most common response is a maximum of six to 10 hours in the car to reach the destination.