(WHBC) – The Stark County Humane Society is getting a boost from the Ohio Legislature as it works to find homes for all the stray animals that come through its doors.

Lawmakers have passed a bill designating shelter pets as the official pet of Ohio.

“That is awesome, it’s great for us and shelters all across the state,” said Jackie Godbey, executive director of the Stark County Humane Society.

She says it’s unfortunate that some people still shop, instead of adopting a shelter pet as their new furry friend.

“This will definitely bring a lot of awareness of animals in shelters just waiting to be adopted.” “Don’t shop, adopt.”

She says they adopted out more than 3,000 dogs and cats last year and their numbers are up a bit so far this year.

The dog that’s been there the longest is Apollo, who has called the shelter home since February of 2018.

“He’s a good boy,” Jackie said, he just needs some love.

Take a look at Apollo and the other animals up for adoption at the Stark County Humane Society here. 

-Apollo is the second dog in the video below-