Sherer Looks to Pave City’s Alleys Over Next 4 Years

CANTON, Ohio (News Talk 1480 WHBC) – The city of Canton has a lot of alleys.

Mayor Bill Sherer says they need some attention.

So the goal is to pave every one of them over the next four years.

1.3 million of the $14 million 2024 capital budget will be spent on paving alleyways in the city this year.

It’s Neighborhood Funds money.

Also, the mayor says he hopes $4 to $5 million will be available next year for his Canton’s Neighborhoods One Block at a Time program.

That funding would come from Issue 13 revenue.

Also, the city will purchase two new fire engines and a ladder truck for the fire department.

Sherer says it may take a while before those show up on city streets.

Those types of purchases are still backlogged.

The cost there is $892,000,

Here are more capital budget highlights from the mayor’s office:

· General Fund – 74.7 million. Safety is approximately 67% of the General Fund Budget.

· Police – 22.2 million

· Fire – 20.7 million

· Crime Lab – $637,000 which is just wages and benefits

· Water – 29.3 million

· Sewer – 29 million

· Sanitation – 9.8 million