Sheriff Asks for Significant Budget Increase, Needing More Deputies

CANTON, Ohio (News Talk 1480 WHBC) – It’s not a “hiring” problem at the Stark County Sheriff’s Office; more like a “trying to keep ’em and we need even more” problem.

Demands placed on the office, and deputies and staffers finding better-paying jobs elsewhere has the sheriff asking for a 14-percent increase in his budget next year, to $28 million.

The sheriff tells the board he also needs more deputies in the jail, the courts and reportedly in four local school districts that have requested resource officers.

He’d like to increase employment from 249 to 282 full-time-equivalent employees.

The sheriff told commissioners this week, according to commissioners, that it costs $10,000 to properly train a deputy.

County leaders have said they want to provide pay increases to employees.