(WHBC) – The Stark County Sheriff’s Office takes over the duties of the county dog warden’s office on Friday.

County Commissioner Janet Creighton says this is a good move for the animals and taxpayers, because deputies will be able to enforce more laws.

“This way if a sheriff’s deputy is knocking on your door, maybe they’re there for another reason, and dogs are running around, if you don’t have licenses they’re going to cite you.”

On with Canton’s Morning News, she says the move also allows for more power to seize and impound stray dogs and to seek the seizure of an animal that’s being treated inhumanely

She says the sheriff came to terms with employees of the dog warden’s office and two workers will stay on with the sheriff, one of them being Dog Warden Jon Barber.

She says deputies are trained and ready to go on Friday.

“We’ll have 24-hour service, we love it.”