(WHBC) – The Carroll County Sheriff isn’t happy about rumors circulating on social media regarding the investigation into the death of teenager Jonathan Minard.

Sheriff Dale Williams took to the sheriff’s office Facebook page to say “Let me be very clear, Jonathan’s parents had no involvement with this tragic outcome. Making assumptions and essentially starting rumors about individuals not only affects a person’s life and emotions, but can also have severe impacts on this investigation.”

The sheriff went on to say that he understands that the public is frustrated and wants answers but in order for them to complete the investigation properly they need to take the necessary time to get every single answer that is needed.

“I assure you that this investigation is still ongoing and VERY active.”

Sheriff Williams added that only those working the case know the actual facts, and when the investigation is completed, those facts will be released to the public.

On April 19th, Minard’s body was found in a shallow grave on a farm in Washington Township.

The 14-year-old was last seen on April 13th heading to a friend’s farm to do some work.

At the news conference announcing Jonathan’s body was located, the sheriff made it clear that details about the case wouldn’t be released until it was over.

“I’m not gonna comment on anything to jeopardize this investigation, because we are gonna do this from the beginning until the end, so we’re not gonna say anything about this until we are done with the investigation.”

The sheriff did previously say that they had a person of interest in the case.