Sheriff’s Office Recommendations for Elderly and Those With Cognitive Issues

CANTON, Ohio (News Talk 1480 WHBC) – You’ll recall the recent disappearance and safe recovery of an elderly Tuscarawas Township man.

It should have anyone responsible for the care of an older relative or friend thinking ahead, in case such an incident happens closer to home.

The Stark County Sheriff’s Office advises having a recent picture of your loved one, and knowing their current weight and hair color.

Major CJ Stantz says placing contact info in the person’s coat or even sewing it to the coat would be wise.

Or use tracking devices or at least a cell phone in their coat pocket to keep track of them.

Here’s a list of tips from the sheriff’s office…

Dementia and other cognitive disorders may increase the likelihood of a senior wandering off. Here are a few tips you can take to reduce the risk that they wander off in the first place and to locate them sooner if they do.

1.) Consider investing in an emergency location device. These devices can be worn as a necklace, attached to shoes and clothing, etc. Not only can they help the individual call for help, but they can also be utilized to locate the individual as well.
2.) Consider relocating the car keys. Seniors who get lost while driving can make it far away from their original locations.
3.) Be aware of their habits and favorite places. At times when a senior citizen wanders off, they will return to places they are familiar with such as a favorite restaurant or past workplace.
4.) Attach identifying information to their clothing. Include their name, important medical information, address, and contact information of a loved one.

If an individual does wander off be sure to include the following information when contacting your local law enforcement agency:
* A recent photograph
The individual’s name, age, hair color, eye color, height, and weight.
* Any important medical information.
* When and where they were last seen.
* What they were last seen wearing.
* If the were last seen leaving in a vehicle, please try to provide a detailed description of the vehicle including the license plate number if it is available.