WHBC July 4th Special Programming

WHBC and FOX News Radio will broadcast three specials 9am through Noon on July 4th and repeat beginning at 3pm:

FOX News Rundown Podcast: “From Sea To Shining Sea”
Millions of Americans will hit the road this summer to see what the country has to offer. This Independence Day, The FOX News Rundown Podcast presents “From Sea to Shining Sea”. Hosts Dave Anthony, Lisa Brady, Chris Foster and Jessica Rosenthal discuss the many travel options Americans have to explore, plus helpful hints, historical tidbits and advice on how to navigate those rising gas prices.

Three Days in Moscow
In “Three Days in Moscow,” Bret Baier takes a look into the end of the Cold War and President Reagan’s role in collapsing the Soviet Union. Bret highlights the importance of the Moscow Summit, the fourth and final summit between Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev, which was not only a breakthrough in their joint nuclear disarmament agreements, but served as an opportunity for Reagan to speak directly to the citizens of the Soviet Union, who were ready for a change – even if their government wasn’t.

“Charles Krauthammer: His Words”
Upon the death of the Pulitzer-prize winning commentator, Fox News presents the moving and inspirational story of Charles Krauthammer’s life as told in his own words. The hour-long special includes reflections by Bret Baier, Brit Hume, Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, Fred Barnes, and George Will.