I remember just  few years back when I spoke of hockey I got a lot of push back.  People told me “no one cares about hockey” .  I kind of understood because it’s the way it is in Pittsburgh with the NBA.  Pittsburgh has no NBA team so they could care less about Lebron James and the rest of those guys.  But when the Columbus Blue Jackets started to improve, made the playoffs and got into the excitement…all things changed.  Now, I get a lot of folks who harass me for being a Penguins fan.   That’s what happens when you win back to back Stanley Cup Championships (2016 and 2017)  so I’ll take it.  BUT…I cannot put into words how exicted I am that people in Ohio are excited about hockey.

The hockey playoffs are THE most exciting of any sport.  And the Stanley Cup is the hardest championship to win….no debate.   And, you don’t ever want to win the President’s Trophy – it goes to the team that has the best record in the regular season – because the trophy winner has only won the cup twice in the past 20 years!!!

So enjoy this time Columbus Blue Jacket fans….it comes and goes but it is always fun!!!  My Pens are out of the playoffs – they too were swept – but you can’t win them all that’s for sure.

Shoot off the cannon and welcome to the party Columbus!  #CBJ    #LetsGoPens





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