Economist Ben Powell spoke to Gary Rivers Wednesday morning to counter the rising tide of voters embracing socialism.

Powell, along with his partner economist, Robert Lawson, have written a sobering, but tongue-in-cheek book called, Socialism Sucks: Two Economists Drink Their Way Through the Unfree World.

“Socialism Sucks: Two Economists Drink Their Way Through the Unfree World,” by Robert Lawson and Benjamin Powell, is billed as a “worldwide tour guide written in plain English” which takes readers on a not-so-luxurious expedition into three countries that have embraced socialism – North Korea, Venezuela, and Cuba – using beer as an indicator of economic concern.

“In Cuba, there were only two types of beer, almost the same in alcohol content and both tasted like skunky Budweiser. In North Korea, it was just god awful,” Lawson, who is also the director of the William J. O’Neil Center for Global Markets and Freedom at Southern Methodist University, told Fox News. “And, in Venezuela, the country has basically run out of beer because the government planners couldn’t import enough barley.”

He answered questions on:

• Why the so-called Swedish model might be attractive, but sure isn’t socialism (Sweden is capitalism with a big welfare state)

• Why American socialists have no idea what socialism really is……all over this country..

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