SOLAR ECLIPSE: State Makes Preparations, ONG Standing By

COLUMBUS, Ohio (News Talk 1480 WHBC) – Governor Mike DeWine has the state’s Emergency Operations Center up and running.

That’s in order to coordinate any response that’s needed to eclipse gathering or traffic issues.

He says the state patrol is increasing its staffing levels and the law enforcement arm of ODNR is doing the same at the 23 state parks and five wildlife areas in or near the path of totality.

DeWine says a lot of planning went into this.

They even contacted the states of Tennessee and Kentucky to see what they learned from the 2017 eclipse in that area.

The Ohio Army National Guard is also on standby if needed to respond to a traffic or other situation.

The state obviously had a lot of time to prepare, but they did so by talking to officials in Kentucky and Tennessee where big crowds checked out the 2017 eclipse there and elsewhere.

That one was a partial eclipse for us.