Sports ‘n Stuff 1/11/22

New York Giants GM Dave Gettleman has chosen to retire after four lackluster seasons in the teams front office. Remember when we thought we got the best of the OBJ deal with the Giants? Might be the only good move he made in four years as GM.

For the first time ever, a study has been done to look at the mental health of those who are into fantasy football. Overall, the survey found that “most” fantasy football players didn’t “experience poor mental health.” However, for those who were way into it, mostly men, the reports of “sadness, anger, frustration, tiredness, and/or low self-esteem” jumped significantly.

The New York Yankees have hired the first female manager, Rachel Balkovec was previously the first full-time female hitting coach in the minor leagues when the Yanks hired her to work with their rookie-level Florida Complex League. She will now manage their low-A Tampa team.

According to Fox Sports, Here’s the full set of Super Bowl odds this year:


1.  Green Bay Packers: +375 . . . If you bet $10, you’d win $47.50 total.


2.  Kansas City Chiefs: +425 . . . Bet $10 to win $52.50 total.


(Tie) 3.  Buffalo Bills: +750 . . . Bet $10 to win $85 total.

(Tie) 3.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers: +750 . . . Bet $10 to win $85 total.


5.  Tennessee Titans: +850 . . . Bet $10 to win $95 total.


6.  Los Angeles Rams: +1000 . . . Bet $10 to win $110 total.


7.  Dallas Cowboys: +1200 . . . Bet $10 to win $130 total.


8.  Cincinnati Bengals: +1700 . . . Bet $10 to win $180 total.


9.  New England Patriots: +1800 . . . Bet $10 to win $190 total.


(Tie) 10.  Arizona Cardinals: +2500 . . . Bet $10 to win $260 total.

(Tie) 10.  San Francisco 49ers: +2500 . . . Bet $10 to win $260 total.


12.  Las Vegas Raiders: +4500 . . . Bet $10 to win $460 total.


13.  Philadelphia Eagles: +5500 . . . Bet $10 to win $560 total.


14.  Pittsburgh Steelers: +6600 . . . Bet $10 to win $670 total.

The Georgia Bulldogs beat Alabama last night 33-18. Alabama head coach Nick Saban was unable to capture his eighth national championship on Monday night, but he handled defeat with a ton of class.

Saban had a lengthy exchange with Georgia head coach Kirby Smart at midfield. It was clear that Saban was happy for his former assistant. Just an old softy after all.

Arby’s has a new menu item called the Diablo Dare Sandwich.  And they claim it’s so hot, they HAVE to give you a free milkshake to go with it.

There’s a brisket version and a chicken version, and they’ve both got five spicy ingredients:  They come with a spicy seasoning . . . ghost pepper jack cheese . . . diced jalapenos . . . Diablo barbecue sauce, made with four types of peppers . . . and a Diablo bun packed with chipotle pepper flakes.

It’ll be around for a limited time through February 6th.

Here’s the annual top ten list you DON’T want your city to be on.  

Orkin just posted its 2022 list of the top cities for BED BUGS . . . and Chicago is #1 for the second year in a row.

Philadelphia jumped way up the list into the second spot, up from 14th place a year ago. The rest of the top ten are 

New York . . . Detroit . . . Baltimore . . . Indianapolis . . . D.C. . . . Cleveland . . . Columbus . . . and Cincinnati.

Good thing Sacremento’s not on that list

The Cavaliers continued their 2nd western road trip by defeating the Kings last night in a nail biter, 109-108.

Cleveland blew a 10 point lead in the final minutes bur Rajon Rando was able to D-up D”Aaron Fox at the buzzer and the potential game winner clanked off the rim giving the Cavaliers their 23 win of the season.

Brian Windhorst on ESPN:

As I talk to people around the league, the Cavs are one of the most active teams. They’re talking to three or four different teams about scenarios. They want perimeter players. They want guards.

The Cavs are being very active. I would almost guarantee that they’re going to make deals beyond what they just did for Rajon Rondo.

The Cavs have plenty of logical trade pieces that won’t unwind the chemistry this team has. Rubio’s $17.8 million expiring contract could facilitate a deal. Other teams might value matching rights on impending restricted free agent Sexton, who never fit seamlessly with top guard Darius Garland. Cleveland has the Rockets’ and Spurs’ presumably high second-round picks this year.

Plus, the Cavaliers could trade their own first-rounder. For the first time in years, that’s not slated to land high in the lottery.

Next up: Cavs take on the Jazz Wednesday at 9pm

Today is Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Today in Sports History

1973 – Owners of American League baseball teams voted to adopt the designated-hitter rule on a trial basis. 

2002 – Muhammad Ali received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 

2010 – Mark McGwire admitted that he used steroids on and off for nearly a decade. The timeframe including the 1998 season when he broke the then single-season home run record.

Today we honor the memory of The late Clarence Clemons (saxophonist with the E-Street Band) born on today’s date in 1942. (1942 – 2011)…he would have been 80