If Novak Djokovic thought his problems ended when he boarded a flight out of Australia—he better think again. Just 24-hours after the Australian Open began without him, news dropped that the 20-time Gand Slam winner could be forced to sit out the French Open as well. A new French law barring unvaccinated individuals from entering stadiums and public places could go into effect by May—forcing Djokovic to likely miss his second-straight majo

Late last week saw two pages from a 1984 “Spider-Man” comic book go for insane money. Pages 24 and 25 from “Secret Wars No.8” are where the origins of Spidey’s iconic black costume come from, and collectors were willing to pay handsomely for them. First, page 24 ended up going for $288K, then…moments later…live bidding started at $330K for page 25. It was clear that several passionate fans were hungry for the artwork of Mike Zeck, as bidding eventually hit the selling price of $3.36-million, as the entire auction gallery erupted in cheers. It’s also worth noting that during that same action, one of the surviving copies of “Action Comics No. 1,” featuring the debut of Superman, ended up selling for $3.18-million.

Here’s a look at how other movies did this weekend…

  1. “Scream” – $31.5M 3-day, $36M 4-day
  2. “Spider-Man: No Way Home” – $20.8M 3-day, $26M 4-day
  3.  “Sing 2” – $8.27M 3-day, $11M 4-day
  4.  “The King’s Man” – $2.3M 3-day, $2.9M 4-day
  5.  “The 355” – $2.34M 3-day, $2.8M 4-day

The Raiders season just ended after a playoff loss to Cincinnati, but when the talk turned to who will replace interim coach Rich Bisaccia, the first and most prominent name to jump out was none other than Jim Harbaugh.

It seems Vegas oddsmakers must know something about who’s gonna replace Bisaccia because, not only is Harbaugh rumored to be taking over—they’re giving the Michigan coach 2-to-1 odds to land the job.

Bengals Head Coach, Zac Taylor made a quick stop on the way home from Paul Brown Stadium after the Bengals broke their 31 year playoff drought by beating the Raiders. Taylor stopped at Mt. Lookout Tavern—delivering a game ball to thank fans for all their support.

Lori Loughlin and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, were robbed during a break-in at the their Los Angeles-area home. The thieves made off with a million dollar’s worth of jewelry.

Cops believe the theft was executed by a gang of South American criminals who hit locations around the US, then escape the country ahead of authorities.

A new study suggests going to bed with the TV on might be messing with your sleep, because our brains are constantly scanning for unfamiliar sounds and voices.  It could cause “micro-arousals” all night, where you ALMOST wake up.  They think it’s our brain’s way of letting us know there might be a potential threat nearby.

Depending on your area, there are about 10 different types of Girl Scout Cookies.

There’s new data from Google Trends on what Girl Scout cookies are most popular.

Thin Mints are the most popular cookie in 38 states.  Tagalongs, also known as Peanut Butter Patties, are second with EIGHT states.

The new , Adventurefuls, are #1 in THREE states 

and Do-si-dos, also known as Peanut Butter Sandwiches, were the most popular in ONE state, South Dakota.

The Most Popular Girl Scout Cookie in Ohio…..Thin Mint!

Two Random Facts on Tuesday:

1.  “Cast Away” was filmed over two years, because it took Tom Hanks about a year to lose weight and grow his hair out for all the island scenes.  During the year off, Robert Zemeckis and most of the crew filmed “What Lies Beneath”.


2.  Jerry Seinfeld made at least $30,000 for every line he had on “Seinfeld”, based on his salary and the show’s syndication deals.

Charles Barkley told TMZ that Philly should trade Ben Simmons and stop being so stubborn.

”He’s never going to play another game in Philly,” Barkley said. “The fans won’t forgive him.”

“They have to make a trade,” he added. “You have to move on from a bad relationship. 

“I know those fans very well,” Barkley said. “I thought my name was Charles Barkley Son of a Bitch for a long time when I was there.”

Cedar Point has increased its walk-up admission price to $85 for 2022, although most visitors won’t pay that much.

Gate admission is up $10 in 2022, or 13% over the $75 rate from a year ago.

A majority of Cedar Point visitors, however, are season passholders, and therefore don’t pay the daily rate, 

A season pass, good for unlimited visits during the season, is currently on sale for $135.

Today is Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Today in Sports History

1951 – The NFL passed a rule that said that a tackle, guard or center was not eligible to catch a forward pass

1976 – The Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Dallas Cowboys 21-17 in Super Bowl X. The CBS telecast was viewed by an estimated 80 million people.

1996 – Baseball owners unanimously approved interleague play for 1997. 

Top celebrity birthdays on January 18, 2022

Actor and director Kevin Costner turns 67

AKA. John Dutton in the hit TV series ‘Yellowstone’

Actor and wrestler Dave Bautista turns 53

6’ 4” 289lbs