Sports ‘n Stuff! 1/24/22

A crazy weekend of NFL divisional playoff action saw TOM BRADY and AARON RODGERS get bumped from the postseason, and PATRICK MAHOMES mount a comeback in 13 seconds that sent the Chiefs to their fourth straight AFC title game.

Rodgers has hinted that whatever or wherever he goes next, it won’t be part of a rebuild.

Just like Rodgers, Brady hasn’t made a decision about his future.

This years’ divisional games marked the first time in NFL history that both #1 seeds lost in the divisional round in the same season.

Jim McIngvale…aka “Mattress Mack”… has cashed in. The Houston furniture mogul and high-end sports gambler laid out $1.1 million thinking the Cincinnati Bengals would cover as 3.5 point underdogs versus the Tennessee Titans…and he was right. That 19-16 Bengals victory saw Mack win the cash, which counters the $700K he’d already bet on the Titans to win the Super Bowl.

Meanwhile, the odds are taking shape for this weekend’s Conference Championship games.

  • San Francisco 49ers @ Los Angeles Rams – Rams by 3.5 and over/under of 46.5
  • Cincinnati Bengals @ Kansas City Chiefs – Chiefs by 7 and over/under of 53.5

While they’re likely to fluctuate in the coming days, the odds of winning the Super Bowl look at the moment:

  • Kansas City Chiefs – +130 (bet $100 to win $130)
  • Los Angeles Rams – +200
  • San Francisco 49ers – +475
  • Cincinnati Bengals – +750

Check your Spam!

A Michigan woman found an email in her spam folder saying she won the lottery for $3 million . . . 

and it turned out to be LEGIT.  

She logged onto her official lottery account, confirmed it, and claimed her prize.

She had purchased a Mega Millions ticket on the Michigan Lottery website for a drawing three weeks ago.  She matched five numbers to win $1 million . . . AND she had the “Megaplier” to multiply her prize by three.

A new study  just linked unwanted body fat to our grandparents’ smoking habits.  Specifically, grandfathers who started smoking early.

It found you’re more likely to be overweight if your grandfather started smoking before he turned 13.  It’s not clear why, but they say it suggests that exposing ourselves to certain substances could affect our kids’ or grandkids’ health, not just our own.

2 Random facts of the day:

  1. Florida . . . the Sunshine State . . . has more indoor tanning salons than McDonald’s locations.


  1. Even though Nevada is most famous for its legalized gambling, it doesn’t have a lottery.  Lotteries have been illegal in Nevada since the state’s constitution was ratified in 1864.

There’s a movement to change the logo of Super Bowl LVI. It looks more like a blood drenched title of a crime show than a logo for arguably the biggest sporting event of the year.


At the Box Office, here’s a look at how other movies did this weekend…

  1. “Spider-Man: No Way Home” – $14.1M
  2.  “Scream” – $12.4M
  3. “Sing 2” – $5.7M
  4. ” Redeeming Love” – $3.7M

  5. “The King’s Man” – $1.779M

Today is Feb. 24 2022

Today is Sports History

1947 – NFL owners voted to allow a sudden-death overtime in playoff games. The rule wasn’t used until 1958. 

1950 – Jackie Robinson signs highest contract ($35,000) in Dodger history. Max Scherzer’s 3 year deal with the Dodgers is worth a reported $130million.

1982 – The San Francisco 49ers won their first Super Bowl. Joe Montana won the first of his three MVP awards. 

1987 – Walter Payton and Joe Montana were guests on “Saturday Night Live.” 

Celebrity Birthdays today:

Ed Helms is 48 (“The Office,” “The Hangover”)

Olympic gymnast Mary Lou Retton is 54 (At the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, she won a gold medal in the individual all-around competition, as well as two silver medals and two bronze medals. Her performance made her one of the most popular athletes in the United States. Retton was also the first-ever American woman to win the all-around gold medal at the Olympics and was the only one to do so for twenty years.)

Neil Diamond is 81

The late John Belushi (1949-1982)…he would have been 73 (“Saturday Night Live,” “Animal House,” “The Blues Brothers,” “Continental Divide,” “Neighbors”) (FAST FACT: No foolin’, he was posthumously honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, on April 1, 2004)