Sports ‘n Stuff 1/4/2023

A while back, there was a book about how you can EAT your Christmas tree, and the trend may be picking up steam.  New reports say that “growing numbers of households [are] eating parts before throwing them out.”

Doesn’t sound so appetizing but you’d have great breath!

The needles can be used like rosemary or bay leaves, and are a good source of vitamin C.  They can also be crushed to flavor gin or vinegar.  And the wood can be burned to make pine ash, which can be used as flavoring, as fertilizer in gardens, and for cleaning the kitchen.

A 55-year-old man in Thailand accidentally left a roadside bathroom break WITHOUT his wife, who he thought was in the backseat.  He drove 100 miles before he realized . . . while she walked 13 miles for help.


Last week we were bombarded with “Year End” lists. 

Now we give you Top 5 Normal Things That Really Need to Go Away.


Babies on airplanes.


Celebrity tequila brands.


Shirtless guys at football games.


LiMu Emu . . . and Doug.


Ice cream trucks that only play “Pop Goes the Weasel”.


Tootsie Rolls.


Anyone who pulls out a guitar at parties.


Dog sweaters.


Bachelorette parties at comedy clubs.


Vanity license plates.


Homeowners who brag about refinancing before interest rates jumped.


Southwest Airlines.


Many iconic albums are celebrating milestone anniversaries this year.  Here is a list of those turning 50 . . . 40 . . . 30 . . . 20 . . . and 10 years old: 

Turning 50 (1973):


1.  “Dark Side of the Moon”, Pink Floyd


2.  “Queen”, Queen

3.  “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”, Elton John


4.  “Band on the Run”, Paul McCartney and Wings

“Glass Onion,” the sequel to “Knives Out,” is Netflix’s tenth most watched English film of all time its first ten days, with 127 million hours watched in the December 26-January 1 window, and 209.4 million hours watched over all. It was the number one English-language film on the Top 10 rankings this week, beating out newcomer “Matilda” and “White Noise”.

CBS Sports week 18 NFL Power Rankings

  1. Buffalo Bills
  2. KC. Chiefs
  3. San Fran 49er’s
  4. Philly Eagles
  5. Cincy Bengals
  6. Dallas Cowboys 
  7. Minn. Vikings
  8. LA Chargers
  9. Balt. Ravens
  10. NY Giants

Browns are ranked 23

Cavaliers host the Phoenix Suns tonight at 7pm

The Cavs are in 4th in the Eastern conference at 24-14

Tip off is at 7pm with a 5.5 pt. Favorite.

Today is Wednesday January 4, 2023

Today in sports and pop culture history. 

53 years ago – In 1970, Keith Moon  drummer of “The Who” accidentally ran over and killed his chauffeur, Neil Boland, while trying to get away from a crowd of skinheads. 

Moon passed away in 1978.

24 years ago – In 1999, Jesse Ventura was sworn in as Minnesota’s 37th governor.  He held office for four years, until 2003.

20 years ago 2003 – The Green Bay Packers lost 27-7 to the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC wild card game. It was the first time that the Packers had lost a playoff game at home. 

The last time the Cleveland Browns hosted and won a playoff game was 1994 20-13 winner over the Patriots.

One Semi-Celebrity Birthday today

Andy Logan of Logan’s Sports in North Canton is 56