Sports ‘n Stuff 1/9/23

Here are the top 5 movies at the North American box office this week:

  1. “Avatar: The Way of Water” $45 million
  2. “M3GAN” $30.2 million
  3. “Puss In Boots” $13.1 million
  4. “A Man Called Otto” $4.2 million
  5. “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” $3.4 million

A robot lawyer will argue its first court case next month and help someone fight a speeding ticket.

The website has tools to help people fight parking tickets….

Americans spend almost $100 billion a year on the lottery . . . which is more than we spend on books, movies, music, video games, and tickets to sporting events combined.

No one hit the Mega Millions drawing Friday night which means the new pot will be $1.1 Billion bucks at tomorrow nights’ 11pm drawing.

Top 5 Gen Z Opinions That Actually Make Sense. Gen Z Ages 8-23 years old


Five-day workweeks suck.


Why pedal a bike when a motor can do all the work?


Pajama bottoms can be worn all day.


Avocados go with everything.


Why pay rent when your parents have an empty basement?


You can learn all you need to know in life from YouTube tutorials.


Kliff Kingsbury has been fired by the Arizona Cardinals as head football coach. His record as HC in the Desert 28-37-1

Lovie Smith has been fired by the Houston Texans, probably because he won his final game and cost the Texans the number one draft pick.

2023 NFL Draft order

This will be the first time the Bears will select first overall since 1947 and only the third time in franchise history.

1 Bears (3-14)
2 Texans (3-13-1)
3 Cardinals (4-13)
4 Colts (4-12-1)
5 Seahawks (via 5-12 Broncos)
6 Lions (via 5-12 Rams)
7 Raiders (6-11)
8 Falcons (7-10)
9 Panthers (7-10)
10 Eagles (via (7-10) Saints)
11 Titans (7-10)
12 Texans (via 7-10 Browns)
13 Jets (7-10)
14 Patriots (8-9)
15 Packers (8-9)
16 Commanders (8-8-1)
17 Steelers (9-8)
18 Lions (9-8

Aaron Rodgers wouldn’t give his game worn jersey to Jameson Williams after the Lions beat the Packers last night which has social media buzzing, wondering if he wanted to keep it because it was the last time he’d wear a Packer jersey. Aaron Rodgers wouldn’t trade jerseys and could be heard saying “I’m holding on to this one.”

After announcing his retirement this past July amid investigations into decades of alleged sexual misconduct, Vince McMahon is now back as executive chairman of WWE’s board of directors. McMahon’s intentions were announced in a Thursday press release.

Even after retiring in July, McMahon remained WWE’s controlling shareholder. So it’s not like he wasn’t calling the shots anyway.

Mcmahon’s net worth $2.8 Billion!

Rihanna will be taking over the Super Bowl field next month when she performs at the half-time show.

Rihanna willOver 120 million viewers watched The Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show and it was recently awarded 3 Creative Emmy awards.

Past Super Bowl Halftime Show performances include The Weeknd, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Prince, Madonna and the first performer in the rebranded Apple Music Super Bowl Halftime Show. Super Bowl LVII (57) will take place on Sunday, February 12 in Glendale, Arizona. 

The NCAA College Football Championship game is tonight at Sofi at 7:30 on ESPN. TCU faces Georgia and is a 13.5pt. under dog.

Today is Monday January 9, 2023

Today in sports and pop culture history 

46 years ago – In 1977, at Super Bowl 11, the Oakland Raiders, led by quarterback Ken Stabler and wide receiver Fred Biletnikoff, defeated the Minnesota Vikings 32-to-14.

It was the Vikings’ fourth Super Bowl loss, in their fourth and, to this day, LAST, Super Bowl appearance.

That record was tied by the Buffalo in 1994.

The Broncos and the Patriots hold the record for the most total Super Bowl losses, at five.  The Broncos have also won three and the Pats have six wins.

39 years ago – In 1984, Van Halen released their sixth album, “1984”, which featured “Jump,” “Panama.” “I’ll Wait,” and “Hot for Teacher.”

16 years ago – In 2007, Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone.  In its first 10 years, Apple sold more than 1.2 billion iPhones worldwide from 2007 to 2017.


One year ago – In 2022, Bob Saget was found dead in his Florida hotel room in the middle of a standup tour at 65.  He’d fallen, hit his head, and died of his injuries.

Musical Birthdays today

  • Dave Matthews is 56
  • Backstreet Boys’ AJ McLean is 45
  • Jimmy Page is 79 Led Zeppelin