Sports ‘n Stuff 10-12-22

Black cats are now considered good luck. 41% of people with cats think black cats are good luck, compared to just 21% who say bad luck. Obviously 41% of the people poled have never been to mountaineer with me on race night!

In Cleveland there was a cheating scandal at a Walleye tournament and now this…
Voter fraud has been discovered in an annual tournament to determine the fattest bear in southern Alaska.  Fortunately, officials caught it, and discarded the bad votes, and the correct bear advanced to the next round.
See, they didn’t try to take over the capitol!

At long last, Brett Favre has finally addressed the Mississippi welfare fraud scandal that he’s been referenced in. In a statement to Fox News Favre says he’s been “unjustly smeared by the media,” “has done nothing wrong,” and adds that it’s “time to set the record straight.”
He couldn’t have done it, he was only in town to play the Dolphins….

All of the talk these days in the NFL is the roughing the quarterback penalties. Apparently the NFL will address the issue in the offseason. In other words, don’t touch the quarterback for the remainder of the season. Especially if it’s Tom Brady!
Monday night’s questionable roughing the passer call in the Chiefs/Raiders game was a result of commentary from Troy Aikman. Aikman said, ““My hope is the competition committee looks at this at the next set of meetings, and we take the dresses off,” adding “I’m all for player safety, but the protection on the quarterbacks has gotten to a ridiculous level.” It was the “dresses” comment that set people off, calling it “sexist,” “misogynistic,” and “completely uncalled for.”

It’s week 6 in the NFL, time for our first version of which coach is on the hot seat
Matt Rhule of the Carolina Panthers was fired on Monday
Here’s a list of who could be next.
* Ron Rivera (Washington Commanders) – He’s 1-4 on the year, and 15-23 during his tenure with the team. He’s got to turn his defense around if he’s going to save his gig.
* Frank Reich (Indianapolis Colts) – In his fifth season with the team, he’s 2-2-1 and 39-30-1 overall. He’s been to the playoffs twice during his time in Indy, but expectations have still yet to be met. Getting control of Matt Ryan’s turnovers would be a big help.
* Kliff Klingsbury (Arizona Cardinals) – He’s in his fourth season and is 2-3 on the year and 26-27-1 overall. The “offensive genius” has shown “average” results on the field. Hopefully, the return of DeAndre Hopkins in Week 7 will help his cause.
* Lovie Smith (Houston Texans) – This is his first year with Houston, and he’s 1-3-1. He’s got a five-year deal, but ownership and fans are going to demand success sooner rather than later. He’s got his team playing hard, but heart doesn’t always equal wins.
* Kevin Stefanski (Cleveland Browns) – He’s 2-3 in his third season, and 21-17 overall. The QB roller coaster with team hasn’t been his fault, so ownership might wait a year to see how the whole Deshaun Watson deal plays out.
* Dan Campbell (Detroit Lions) – In his second season, he’s 1-4 and 4-17-1 overall. He was a hit on “Hard Knocks” and has an addictive and passionate personality. That said, Detroit has a reputation for futility that needs to be reversed, and another three-win season won’t cut it.

Lee Corso is not dead!
Corso has missed the last two weeks of the show due to an unexplained illness. The illness comes as no surprise to some viewers who were worried about Corso’s speech and appearance in the episodes he had previously appeared on.
With GameDay set to head to Knoxville for a showdown between No. 3 Alabama and No. 6 Tennessee on Saturday, fans got quite the scare on Monday night. Unfortunately, a nasty rumor surfaced on Twitter that Corso had passed away. And the news didn’t take long to spread like wildfire.

The Cavaliers, winless in 2 preseason games so far host the Atlanta Hawks tonight at “The Rock.”

In the MLB Playoffs
The Phillies and Braves went off about an hour ago with Philly holding a 1-0 lead in their best of 5 NLDS
The Dodgers hold a 1-0 lead over San Diego with game 2 tonight in LA. Game 2 tonight at 8:37 on FS1

Today is Wednesday October 12, 2022
Today in sports and pop culture history

53 years ago, 1969 – A DJ on Detroit’s WKNR radio station received a phone call telling him that if you play The Beatles ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ backwards, you hear John Lennon say the words “I buried Paul.” This started a worldwide rumour that Paul McCartney was dead.

36 years ago, 1986 – Walter Payton (Chicago Bears) became the first National Football League (NFL) player to accumulate 20,000 yards. Sweetness retired in 1987 with 21,803 all purpose yards.

25 years ago, 1997 – John Denver was killed when the handmade, experimental airplane he was flying ran out of gas and crashed off the coast of Monterey Bay, California. The 53 year old star had scored 15 songs on Billboard’s Top 40 Pop chart, ten of which reached number one on either Billboard’s Adult Contemporary or Country chart.

Celebrity Birthday today

Actor Hugh Jackman is 54