Sports ‘n Stuff 10/3/22

Baker being Baker:
Baker Mayfield—in yet another disappointing performance filled with overthrown passes and batted down balls—completed 22 of his 36 attempts for 197 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions. He was booed by the hometown crowd and head coach Matt Rhule has not ruled on whether or not he may be benched. The Panthers lose to the Cardinals

During the fourth quarter of Seattle’s 48-45 win over the Lions in Detroit on Sunday, Seattle star wideout DK Metcalf was carted off the field to the lavatory. He later said on twitter, about the cart, “The Clinch walk, wouldn’t have made it!”
As fans waited with bated breath to find out what was happening, Metcalf was pooping. No injury, no x-rays, just one of the most gifted receivers on the planet taking a quick sit on the throne before returning to dominance. Asked after the game why he had to leave the field, Metcalf put it….
“I was hurting,” he said with a smile later. “I had a little tummy ache. Had to get it taken care of.”

While there have been reports that Bruce Willis had entered a ground-breaking deal for a company called Deepcake to create content using his image, his reps say that just isn’t true
Recent media reports suggested that the actor sold his rights to Deepcake to authorize the creation of a “digital twin” of himself to appear in projects
But both Deepcake and Bruce’s reps say no such deal exists
Yippie ki yay… speaking of swearing

A new yearly study found the average American swears 21 times a day, but some do it a lot more than that. 
The cities that swear the most are:  Columbus, Ohio at 36 a day . . . Las Vegas, 30 . . . and Jacksonville, Florida, 28.
Obviously Cleveland would’ve blown away that number but the Browns only play 17 times a year.

In more swearing news, in yesterday’s packers/patriots game
At one point, with Green Bay trailing 24-17, quarterback Aaron Rodgers really wanted his center to snap the ball. That was because the Patriots defense was not ready, and their offense was running the hurry-up. Rodgers could be heard screaming on the hot mic “snap the f–king ball!”
Packers win on the win that game in overtime 27-24

The lake Erie Walleye Trail fishing tournament in Cleveland has turned up an alleged cheating scandal.
Not sure whether the alleged cheaters were members of the Houston Astros

At Talladega speedway yesterday
The Yellawood 500
Chase Elliot is your winner.
Cole Custer finished 21st.

Here are the top five movies at the North American box office this weekend:
1. “Smile” – $22M Horror movie
2. “Don’t Worry Darling” – $7.3M
3. “The Woman King” – $7M
4. “Bros” – $4.8M
5. “Avatar” (re-release) – $4.7M

Current American League playoff scenario
No. 1 seed: Houston Astros (104-55), first-round bye
No. 2 seed: New York Yankees (97-61), first-round bye
No. 3 seed: Cleveland Guardians (90-69) vs. No. 6 seed: Tampa Bay Rays (86-73)
No. 4 seed: Toronto Blue Jays (90-69) vs. No. 5 seed: Seattle Mariners (87-70)

Guardian to take on the Kansas City Royals tonight at 6:10
Tristen McKenzie 11-11 3.00 ERA goes for Cleveland

Today is Monday October 3, 2022
Today in sports & pop culture history

48 years ago – In 1974, Frank Robinson became Major League Baseball’s First Black Manager when he took over the Cleveland Indians.

40 years ago – In 1982, a guy from Detroit named Scott Weiland ran the Detroit marathon BACKWARDS In 4 hours, 7 minutes, and 54 seconds.

38 years ago – In 1984, the Scott Baio sitcom “Charles in Charge” debuted on CBS.

30 years ago – In 1992, Sinead O’connor tore up a picture of Pope John Paul The 2nd on “Saturday Night Live”, while saying “fight the real enemy”.  NBC got more than 1,000 calls protesting.
 Ironically, Sinead O’Connor had canceled a previously scheduled appearance on “SNL” because she found the “comedy” of Andrew Dice Clay offensive.  Two weeks later, she was booed off the stage during a Bob Dylan tribute at Madison Square Garden.

29 years ago, 1993 – Eighty-three-year-old Mel Harder throws the ceremonial ‘last’ pitch at Cleveland Municipal Stadium. As a member of the 1932 Indian squad, he also had thrown the first pitch as the team’s starting pitcher in the ballpark’s inaugural game, a 1-0 defeat to Lefty Grove and the A’s

27 years ago- In 1995, the jury in the O.J. Simpson Murder Trial found O.J. innocent of the slayings of his former wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ronald Goldman.

Celebrating Birthdays today

Gwen Stefani is 53.

Tommy Lee from Motley Crue is 60.

Lindsey Buckingham is 73.  Formerly of Fleetwood Mac.

Chubby Checker is 81.  Biggest Hit:  “the Twist”.  Real name:  Ernest Evans