Sports ‘n Stuff 11-10-22

The MLB Free Agency Period began this evening at 5 p.m. Free agents may start signing with new teams. 

Since the World Series ended until now, those free agents were only able to re-sign with their current team — nicknamed the “quiet period,” it’s a time for teams and outgoing free agents to negotiate. This was also the time for teams to exercise options or extend qualifying offers.

Guardians need more production from, in no particular order


1st base


The Cavs dropped their second straight,  a lack luster performance last night in Sacramento resulted in 127-120 loss marred by 18 turnovers.

In Los Angeles, the Clippers defeated the Lakers on Wednesday night by 14 points. The Lakers slipped to 2-9 on the season, but they’re way more concerned with the health of LeBron James, who exited the game in the fourth quarter with a groin injury. James will undergo an MRI on Thursday to gauge the severity of the injury, but he doesn’t think it’s as bad as a previous groin injury. During his first season with the Lakers in 2018-19, James missed 17 games after he partially tore his groin during a game on Christmas.

Nike is likely done with Kyrie Irving, co-founder Phil Knight said in an interview on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” on Thursday. The company announced last Friday that it had suspended its relationship  with the Brooklyn Nets guard, after Irving had promoted an antisemitic film on social media and refused to denounce it or apologize for a week. At the same time, Nike announced that it would not release the Kyrie 8, Irving’s new signature shoe, which he had already been wearing in games.

Don’t think this one made the morning news, hopefully it didn’t go down in one of our area’s Walmarts.

A 27-year-old woman in Ohio has been sentenced after admitting to beating her neighbor with a 10-pound log of ground beef at a Walmart.  

The fight went down in the potato chip aisle.  Maneka initially tried to SPIT on Precious, but when she missed, she reached into Precious’ cart . . .

grabbed the $22 log of beef . . . and started clobbering Precious with it.

Thankfully, Precious wasn’t hurt.

An annual study at  ranked the BEST cities to live in if you’re a die-hard sports fan.

In the end, big cities did the best, partly because they’re more likely to have professional teams in all five major sports.

The 10 best sports cities in America OVERALL are L.A., Boston, New York, Pittsburgh, Dallas, Miami, Philadelphia, Denver, Washington D.C., and Atlanta.


But they also broke it down individually for each sport . . .

The best football cities are:  Pittsburgh, Dallas, Green Bay, Boston, and L.A.

For basketball fans, it’s:  L.A., Boston, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, and Philadelphia.

For baseball, it’s:  New York, St. Louis, L.A., Atlanta, and Boston.

For hockey, it’s:  Boston, Pittsburgh, Detroit, St. Louis, and New York.

And the best cities for soccer fans . . . like anyone cares . . . are L.A., Seattle, Portland, Oregon, Orlando, and Kansas City.

Sources are saying that some staff writers on “Saturday Night Live” are so upset over Dave Chappelle hosting the show this week that they’re boycotting the episode.

Chappelle’s rep says there was no evidence of a boycott when they attended a writer’s meeting on Tuesday.

The insider says that no actors are boycotting the show.

Some staff writers are upset about Chappelle hosting because of accusations of transphobic and homophobic jokes he made on a Netflix’ “The Closer.”

Tiger Woods announced yesterday on Twitter that he will return to competitive golf for the first time in nearly five months when he tees it up in the Hero World Challenge in the Bahamas on Dec. 1-4.

Back in February, NFL players petitioned the league to replace all artificial turf with natural grass.

According to Jerry Jones, that would be pointless.

Tuesday on 105.3 The Fan, the Dallas Cowboys owner was asked, “Do you see a day or a way where every stadium is going to have to have natural grass based on the players’ request in the collective bargaining agreement?”

Jones’ reply…”By our stats, our league stats don’t see issues with the type surface that we have as opposed to natural grass,” said . “We don’t see issues. No facts bear that out.”

Money Talks or in this case, Jerry Jones!

Today, we wish a very Happy Birthday to the United States Marine Corps! 

Back in 1775, 247 years ago, The Continental Congress of the United States of America authorized the creation of the Continental Marines. 

Today we honor and “Thank” all Marines who have served

1928 – Knute Rockne made his famous “win one for the Gipper” pep talk during halftime of a tied game between Notre Dame and Army. 

George Gip passed away at 25 from pneumonia in 1920.

53 years ago – In 1969, “Sesame Street” debuted on PBS.

31 years ago – 1991 – Bernie Kosar ended his NFL record streak of 308 passes without an interception. 

Celebrity Birthdays today

Tracy Morgan is 54 (“SNL,” “30 Rock”)

Comedian, Sinbad is 66 (FAST FACT: He was born David Adkins).

Country Music Superstar, Miranda Lambert is 39