Sports ‘n Stuff 11-14-22

Top Movies at the Box Office over the Weekend

1. “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” $180 million
2. “Black Adam” $8.6 million
3. “Ticket to Paradise” $6.1 million
4. “Lyle, Lyle Crocodile” $3.2 million
5. “Smile” $2.3 million

UFC boss Dana White is bringing the Power Slap league to TBS, starting in January.  Basically, two people stand toe-to-toe and take turns slapping each other as hard as possible.  You can knock your opponent out or win by points.

There goes our endorsement deal said everyone who was in professional  Corn-hole!


Floyd Mayweather fought YouTuber Deji Olatunji in an eight-round exhibition Sunday in the United Arab Emirates.

Mayweather is 45. 

“These people want to be entertained, and that’s what we gave them,” Mayweather said afterward.

Apparently it’s safer to box Floyd Mayweather than wait till January for the Power Slap league.

An article in “The New York Post” claims Thanksgiving at a restaurant might be the “smart money move” this year, because grocery prices have shot up more than restaurant prices.

Which is fine if true, Now if the Post could only stop the Lions from playing football on Thanksgiving it’d be a great holiday.

The record price for a baseball glove sold at auction was shattered over the weekend. A Babe Ruth glove – specially manufactured for him by Spalding between 1927 and 1933 – went for $1.53-million dollars at the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory auction.

Random Fact “O” the Day

The IRS requires you to pay taxes on money you get illegally.  So if you rob a bank, sell drugs, commit credit card fraud, GAMBLE or anything else, and get CAUGHT, you could get audited if you haven’t paid up.

Good thing we bet on the Browns’ we’ll never win any illegal money.

After the financial failure of cryptocurrency firm FTX, the Miami Heat’s stadium will no longer bear its name, despite signing a 19-year, $135 million deal last year. 

The team announced Friday that it is looking for a new stadium sponsorship partner.

In to save the day….Adult Company, Bang Bros. Has stepped in, offering $10-million for naming rights to the venue, with intent on calling it the Bang Bros. Center…or “BBC.”

Stay tuned!

It’s National Seat Belt Day.  A recent study found there’s still one situation where we don’t always wear them.  28% of us don’t always buckle up in Ubers and other rideshares.

Today is Monday November 14, 2022

Today in sports and pop culture history

171 years ago – In 1851, Herman Melville  “Moby Dick” was first published in the U.S.

 It hit Britain bookstores a month earlier.

1970 – The plane carrying the Marshall University football team crashed. Thirty-seven were killed

29 years ago – In 1993, Puerto Rico voted against becoming the 51st U.S. State.  In a choice between Commonwealth, statehood, and independence, 46.6% wanted statehood and 48.9% voted to remain a U.S. Commonwealth.

25 years ago – In 1997, Celine Dion released her fifth album “Let’s Talk About Love”, featuring “My Heart Will Go On” . . . which would become the theme song to “Titanic”.  The movie premiered five weeks later, on December 19th.


24 years ago – 1998 – Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman were married in Las Vegas, NV. Nine days later, he filed for an annulment, claiming he wasn’t of sound mind, 

Four months later they were kaput! And 24 years later, not sure if he’s still of “Sound Mind.”