Sports ‘n Stuff 11-9-22 released it’s way too early 2023 MLB power rankings
1. Astros
2. Dodgers
3. Braves
4. Padres
5. Mets
6. Yankees
7. Phillies actually tied Yankees
8. Cardinals
9. Blue Jays
10. Mariners
Rays then Guardians at 12

Chris Antonetti named MLB Executive of the year and Jose Ramirez is having surgery on his right thumb today. a torn ulnar collateral ligament. Ramirez expected to be on the mend for about 6 weeks.

Now that someone hit the power ball, here’s some interesting facts about what the number one billion is….
One billion is a thousand millions.
One Million seconds is about a week and a half but one billion seconds is about 37 years.
If you were to stack 1 billion dimes, that stack would be roughly 839 miles long. The time it takes to drive 839 miles at 65 mph is 12 hours.
One billion ants would weigh over 3 tons–a little less than the weight of an elephant.
If you earn $45,000 a year, it would take 22,000 years to amass a fortune of one billion dollars.
One billion dollars divided equally among the U.S. population would mean that everyone in the United States would receive about $3.33.
How about this? A billion hours ago, humans were in the Stone Age.

College Football Playoff Rankings came out last night
1. Georgia 9-0
2. Ohio State 9-0
3. Michigan 9-0
4. TCU 9-0
5. Tennessee 8-1
6. Oregon 8-1
7. LSU 7-2
8. USC 8-1
9. Alabama 7-2
10. Clemson 8-1

Our friends released their annual list of the top cities for Thanksgiving.  They rank America’s 100 biggest cities based on five categories:  Traditions, affordability, safety, thankfulness, and weather forecasts.
The top five cities for Thanksgiving this year are:  Atlanta . . . Orlando . . . Las Vegas . . . Raleigh, North Carolina . . . and Gilbert, Arizona.
It also found the cheapest cities for Thanksgiving dinner this year are Corpus Christi, Texas . . . Fort Wayne, Indiana . . . and Raleigh, North Carolina.  Honolulu, New York, and San Jose tied for most expensive.
88% of us are cutting at least one dish from the menu this year, which should make Thanksgiving a little cheaper. 

Going into week ten of the NFL season, there’s been a switch at the top of the favorites to win the MVP award.
* Patrick Mahomes +225
* Josh Allen/Jalen Hurts +250
* Lamar Jackson +1,000
* Tua Tagovailoa +2,000
* Joe Burrow/Geno Smith +2,500

Researchers used artificial intelligence to study the medical data of hundreds of thousands of volunteers to estimate how long a human can live.
Considering age, illness, and lifestyle, they say 150 is their estimate for the longest anyone could live.
Drugs that could theoretically let someone live for up to 200 years are being tested.

Which brings us to this:
Congratulations go out to Mary Flip, of Chandler, Arizona. The Flipster is celebrating turning 101 years old. When asked what’s the “secret” to her long life has been, Mary’s answer…tequila. She also enjoys Guinness and dancing.

And speaking of Guinness, how bout a few for the “Book of World Records.”
Guinness Book.
* In California, Gregory Foster took on the Carolina Reaper Challenge. He somehow manages to eat 10 of those scorchers in just 33.15 seconds. Foster also holds the record for eating three of them in 8.72 seconds. Carolina Reapers are known to be the hottest pepper in the world.
* In South Africa, Linda Potgieter set the record for most bungee jumps in one hour. With 23 jumps, Potgieter shattered the previous mark of 19 set in 2003 by Veronica Dean, who’s also from South Africa.

The 8-2 Cavaliers take on the Sacramento Kings tonight 10 PM tip off

Today is Wednesday November 9, 2022
Today in sports and pop culture history

61 years ago – In 1961, the PGA eliminated its “Caucasians Only” rule . . . paving the way for such non-Caucasian golf legends .

Ted Rhodes, the first African American professional golfer
Charles Sifford, the first African American to play on a PGA tour
Lee Elder, the first African American to play in a Masters Tournament . . .
Althea Gibson, the first black woman to join the LPGA
Pete Brown, the first African American to win a PGA tour event

And of course, Tiger Woods who’s won 15 Major’s

55 years ago – In 1967, “Rolling Stone” magazine put out its first issue.  John Lennon was on the cover

38 years ago – In 1984, Dr. J and Larry Bird tried to kill each other in a fight during a Celtics-Sixers game.

17 years ago – In 2005, George W. Bush awarded Muhammed Ali the Presidential Medal of Freedom.  The other recipients were Aretha Franklin, Carol Burnett, and golf legend Jack Nicklaus.

One celebrity birthday
Nick Lachey of 98 degrees but he stiffed me at the Ohio State game is 49
Lou Ferrigno is 71.  “The Incredible Hulk” of your parents’ generation.  He played himself on “The King of Queens” and in the movie “I Love You Man”.