Sports ‘n Stuff 12/15/22

Someone has created a limited-edition cereal called “Big Fruit Loop,” which is a box with one giant, 930-calorie Fruit Loop inside.  The boxes will be sold online for $19.99 starting Monday.

A quickGoogle search says there’s 110 calories in a cup of Fruit Loops.

Week 15 of the NFL game slate starts off with the San Francisco 49ers visiting the Seattle Seahawks. The visiting 49ers are 3.5-point favorites,

The State of Ohio says that Sports Gambling will not go into effect before the Ohio State / Georgia Peach Bowl. There was a movement to allow for gambling on New Year’s Eve but it will not go into effect until the 1st of January. 

The Sporting News ranked the worst moves made by NFL Teams this season:

  • Denver Broncos trade for Russell Wilson
  • Washington Commanders trade for Carson Wentz
  • Los Angeles Chargers sign cornerback C. Jackson
  • Tennessee Titans trade away A.J. Brown
  • Indianapolis Colts trade for Matt Ryan
  • Atlanta Falcons trade away Matt Ryan
  • Cleveland Browns trade for Deshaun Watson
  • New Orleans Saints re-sign Jameis Winston
  • Pittsburgh Steelers sign Mitch Trubisky
  • Los Angeles Rams sign wide receiver Allen Robinson
  • Jacksonville Jaguars sign inside linebacker Foyesade Oluokun

Canadians obviously have a different opinion of Road Rage. This was recently considered Road Rage in Canada.

Someone posted a “Canadian Road Rage” video on Twitter.  It’s a guy running up to someone’s car in a drive-thru lane . . . and clearing all the snow off their back windshield.

Those Crazy Canucks!

Random Fact “O” The Day

Major League Baseball has managed to buy the domain names for all of its teams except three. is owned by the New York Giants football team . . . is owned by a restaurant in Seattle . . . and is currently “for sale,” but apparently NOT at a price Cleveland wants to pay for it.  (The organization DOES own the domain for its former name . . . USED to be on this list.  Since 1995, it was owned by a set of twins in California who refused to sell it for ANY price.  But back in September, they finally caved.  There’s no word on the purchase price, only that they came to a “reasonable agreement.”

CANTON PARKS & REC doing their “Holiday Light Display” over at Stadium Park

Over 50 holiday light displays – You can walk it or drive it. – Totally free. Open now thru 1/8!

The WIZARDS OF WINTER – Holiday Rock Event – Featuring former members of TSO & more.

Canton Palace Theater – Saturday 12/17 8pm

Georgia Paxos from the Palace will join us tomorrow at 4:35 on the Kenny & JT Show.

Here are a couple of Life Hacks when defrosting your car

  1. Park your car so it’s facing east.  It gives you the most sun exposure as early as possible.  So the ice should melt a little, or at least be easier to scrape off.


2.  Try the sun visor hack.  When you warm up your car and crank the defrost, pull both sun visors down.  It traps the warm air down near your windshield and should make the ice melt faster.

Donovan Mitchell dropped 27 first half points against the Mavs last night as the Cavs rolled Dallas 105-90.

Cavaliers come home Friday for their first game of the year with the Indiana Pacers

Indy is in 7th in the East at 15-14

Cavaliers in 3rd at 18-11.

Today is Thursday December 15, 2022

10 days away from Christmas

Today in Sports and Pop Culture History

56 years ago -1966 – The New Orleans Saints became the 16th NFL franchise. Gary Cuozzo was the first quarterback of the Saints.

49 years ago – In 1973, Pirates of the Caribbean opened at Disney world, six years after it first appeared at Disneyland.  It was the very last attraction that Walt Disney helped design himself.  Jack Sparrow wasn’t added in until 2006.

48 years ago – In 1974, “Young Frankenstein” was released, with Gene Wilder as Dr. Frankenstein, Marty Feldman as Igor, Cloris Leachman as Frau Blucher and Peter Boyle as the Monster.

40 years ago – 1982 – Paul “Bear” Bryant announced his retirement as head football coach at the University of Alabama. 

Celebrity Birthdays today 

One of the Coolest dudes in the 80’s. Don Johnson is 73Sonny Crocket on “Miami Vice”.  Your parents also knew him as “Nash Bridges”.  More recently he starred on HBO’s “Watchmen”.  His daughter Dakota Johnson stars in the “Fifty Shades of Grey” movies.

We also remember two Clevelanders’

Tim Conway (1933 – 2019)  Comedy legend.

Alan Freed (1921 – 1965)  Disc-Jockey who coined the term “Rock ‘n Roll” in 1951. Alan Freed