Sports ‘n Stuff 12-2-22

Free-agent receiver Antonio Brown has made himself a prisoner in his own home.

Police officers are waiting outside his house in Tampa to arrest him on misdemeanor domestic violence charges. Brown apparently is inside the dwelling, and he won’t come out.

Police used a megaphone to urge Brown to give himself up. The authorities said they had spoken to Brown’s attorney. They continued to knock on the door and to call out for him.

People online are talking about the most UNDERRATED gifts they’ve received, and there’s a lot of practical stuff on it.  Here are the highlights:


1.  Extra phone chargers and wire organizers.

2.  Nice sheets or towels.

3.  A nice tote filled with non-perishables, like soup, crackers, and cookies.

4.  A premium subscription to something, like Spotify or HBO Max.

5.  Restaurant gift cards, especially for local, non-chain restaurants.  So, NOT places like Chili’s or Outback Steakhouse.

6.  Grocery or gas gift cards.  In the past, it may have seemed like this is something you’d give someone and they’d feel poor.  Now, who WOULDN’T want some free money to use for gas and groceries?

7.  Nice, comfortable pajamas.

8.  One person said their grandparents paid their gas bill for Christmas, and they thought that was cool.

9.  Another person said their grandma would give them random toiletries, including deodorant, toothpaste, and Q-Tips . . . and they appreciated that.

10.  And someone said toilet paper.  In that case, it was a white elephant, and they got a 124-pack of toilet paper.  They said everyone laughed and thought it was funny, but they said “I’ve never received a gift as amazing as that.”

11.  Underwear.  (This one might depend on the circumstance.  Giving underwear to a coworker might be frowned upon.)

12.  A one-time vehicle detail or landscaping service.

13.  Quality coffee.

14.  A bidet.

15.  Socks.

Pepsi wants you to try “PILK” for the holidays . . . Pepsi mixed with MILK.  If you post a photo of yourself enjoying some “Pilk and cookies” on social media, you could win $1,000 in holiday cash. 25 people will get $1,000 each. You just have to tag Pepsi on TikTok, Instagram, or Twitter, with the hashtag “PilkAndCookies”.

Here’s a list of the Top Dumb Things Everyone Believes.


Dogs like to play dress-up.

Drinking wine with dinner every night doesn’t make us an alcoholic.

This is the Cowboys year.

We’re not fat . . . we’re “big-boned.”

Disney World is fun

Money doesn’t buy happiness.

Golf is a sport.

Cats have the ability to love.

Liberal arts is a real major.

Our spouse would love us even if we were ugly, broke, and fat.  Oh, sorry.  I meant, “big-boned.”

Here’s the World Cup Schedule

Here’s today’s Group G & Group H schedule:

  • Ghana v Uruguay – 10:00am ET on FS1
  • South Korea v Portugal – 10:00am ET on FOX
  • Cameroon v Brazil – 2:00pm ET on FOX
  • Serbia v Switzerland – 2:00pm ET on FS1


The knockout round of 16 starts: Saturday

  • Netherlands v United States – 10:00am ET on FOX
  • Argentina v Australia – 2:00pm ET on FOX



  • France v Poland – 10:00am ET on FOX
  • England v Senegal – 2:00pm ET on FOX

May have finally figured out why Roda is such a big World Cup Soccer Fan.

Only Fans model Daiane Tomazoni  Normally charges a subscription to her page that costs $15-a-month, but she promises that she’ll be releasing one free nude shot for each goal scored by Brazil during the World Cup.

They took on Camaroon today at 2pm!

Here’s the High School Football Championship Schedule

D5 was played today, Ironton & South Range

D3 today Canfield vs. Carroll Bloom-Carrol

D1 tonight 7:30 Lakewood St. Ed’s vs Springfield

D6 Maria Stein Marion Local vs. Kirtland

D7 New Bremen vs. Warren JFK

D4 Cincy Wyoming vs. Cleveland Glenville

College football tonight

Playoff implications on the line for the Ohio State Buckeyes

When USC takes on Utah in the Pac 12 Championship game at 8pm on Fox

The Cavaliers are back in action tonight hosting the Orlando Magic

Tip off at 7:30

The Cavs will be without Jarrett Allen, Lamar Stevens and Kevin Love

Cavs still 10.5 point favorites

Today is Friday December 2, 2022

38 years ago – 1984 – Dan Marino (Miami Dolphins) threw his 40th touchdown pass of the season.  He completed 420 in his 242 game NFL career.

Celebrity Birthdays today

Britney Spears is 41

Green Bay Packers’ QB Aaron Rodgers is 39 (FAST FACT: He was named NFL MVP in 2011 and in 2014)

Ozzy Osbourne turns 74 tomorrow