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Progressive Field will return to full capacity starting June 2;

tickets for remaining 2021 home games go on sale May 26 at 10AM ET

Ever since the Golden Gate Bridge got a retrofit of a sidewalk safety rail last year, the structure has been humming.

The hum was first reported publicly on Saturday and commuters have gotten recordings of the hum. It’s believed the narrower walkway makes noise when the wind whips up.

The noise can be heard as far away as 10 miles engineers are working with a wind tunnel to find a fix for the Golden Gate hum.

This past weekend, Juantarius Bryant, a former defensive back for Austin Peay, traveled to Georgia for what he thought was a shot at rookie minicamp for the Atlanta Falcons. It turns out that Bryant was catfished by someone using an Atlanta area code and pretending to be Falcons defensive coordinator Dean Pees. You see, Bryant had not been signed by the Falcons and was turned away. Bryant doesn’t know who the jerk was who pulled the prank or why…and he doesn’t even seem to care, saying that the stunt won’t “make or break” him and he’ll still “continue to fight for his dreams.”

Who Knew? The color of that little “Twisty Tie” on your loaf of bread has a meaning.

you can tell how fresh your bread is by looking at the color of the twisty tie…which tells you on which day of the week it was baked…

  • Monday – blue
  • Tuesday – green
  • Wednesday – red
  • Thursday – white
  • Friday – yellow

A life-sized replica of Titanic is currently under construction in China. The Titanic replica will serve as a tribute to the ship, a museum, and – for just over $300 – guests will be able to spend the night aboard. Tour busses traveling two and from the ship will be treated to an endless loop of Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On,” which might also allow it to serve as a form of punishment for low-level criminals.

The real-life inspiration behind “Jerry Maguire,” sports agent Leigh Steinberg, says a sequel isn’t happening – but you can look forward to a biopic. Speaking to “TMZ,” Steinberg says he’s been in talks about telling his life story on the big screen.

It’s been almost 25 years since “Jerry Maguire” hit theaters. “Show me the Money!”

Passengers could be weighed before they’re allowed onto planes due to FAA concerns that flights could be overloaded due to the amount of obesity in America. Airlines use a standard average weight estimate for passengers, but the increase in obesity is causing them to review their estimates. The weigh-ins would happen at the gate and would involve at least 15 percent of daily passengers selected at random. Surveys of weight by airlines could take place every three years.

To celebrate the easing of the restrictions that kept many establishments closed since last year, the Packhorse Pub in England auctioned off the first beer poured inside the bar in over a year. They held an eBay auction and the high bid won a beer for just over $1,000.

Celebrating Birthdays today:

MLB Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson is 75 (FAST FACTS: Jackson was nicknamed “Mr. October” for his clutch hitting in the postseason with the Athletics and the Yankees. He helped Oakland win five consecutive American League West divisional pennants, three consecutive American League pennants and two consecutive World Series titles from 1971 to 1975. Jackson helped New York win four American League East divisional pennants, three American League pennants and two consecutive World Series titles, from 1977 to 1981. He also helped the California Angels win two AL West divisional pennants in 1982 and 1986. Jackson hit three consecutive home runs at Yankee Stadium in the clinching game 6 of the 1977 World Series)

Tina Fey is 51 (“Saturday Night Live,” “30 Rock”)

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