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The 2021 college football season is less than three months away. Betting has already started at the sports books. Here are some early bets to ponder laying some of your cash on.

  • Ohio State Wins Big Ten (-167) – Only Wisconsin, Penn State & Michigan have a shot at taking down OSU this year, even with the hole at quarterback left by Justin Fields going to the NFL. It’s not a stretch to think they’ll win the conference fifth year running.
  • Texas A&M Wins SEC (+500) – A $100 bet could land you $500 if this pick plays out. Texas A&M has a weak schedule, and Alabama lost a lot of players to the pros, making this an interesting conference this year.
  • Oklahoma Wins Big 12 (-134) – They’ve won the last six years and have the talent to make it seven.
  • Utah Wins Pac-12 South (+450) – There’s no reason to think USC will magically boost their program enough to keep Utah out of the top spot here.
  • Florida State To Beat 5.5 Wins (-113) – The Seminoles going at least 6-6 this season isn’t a stretch at all in Mike Norvell’s second season with the team.
  • Heisman Winners: T. Daniels (+1200) Or C.J. Stroud (+1200) – Putting equal money on both of them gives you a decent shot at turning a profit.
  • Georgia Wins National Championship (+600) – Alabama will contend, like always, but their loss of talent to the NFL makes the Bulldogs a strong play.

Logan Paul ended up going the distance against Floyd Mayweather. Fans are suspicious, some are questioning how legit the fight or exhibition really was. Video posted online shows Paul getting clocked in the side of the head by a Mayweather hook. After the punch, it sure looks like Paul is going down, but Mayweather’s there to grab a hold of him and keep him up…so the fight can continue. In his post-fight press conference, Mayweather put it as bluntly as someone can by calling the fight “legalized bank robbing.” Specifically, he said, “Legalize bank robbing…I’m the best. I changed my name from ‘Pretty Boy’ Floyd.

Mayweather nabbed a $10 million base salary and 50 percent of the pay-per-view shares. As for Logan? A $250,000 base, with 10 percent of shares. For what it’s worth, Paul told TMZ that he ballparked his final earnings at $20 million.

Be careful downloading apps. A new report shows that, of the 1,000 top apps in the Apple store, two-percent ended up being scams. 20 out of a thousand isn’t a bad number, but these apps have bilked customers out of an estimated $48-million, in total. 

Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers have had a whirlwind romance, but they’re in it for the long haul. Opening up about their relationship in an interview with “Shape” Wooldey says she and the NFL star are “meant to be.” I wonder if she thinks the same of Aaron and the Green Bay Packers?

According to ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter, Rodgers is not expected to show up for Green Bay’s mandatory minicamp on Tuesday. If he fails to report to for all three days of camp, the team could fine him a total of $93,085.

Feeling better could be as easy as 20-5-3!

Americans spend 92% of their time inside these days, but something called the nature pyramid can help get us outside more. It recommends how much time we should be spending in nature to reduce stress and boost happiness.

The “20-5-3” rule for the nature pyramid says we need 20 minutes outside, like in a park, three times a week, five hours a month in semi-wild nature, like a forested state park and three days a year off the grid in nature, like camping.

For the star-studded cast of “Space Jam: A New Legacy,” ESPN has given the sequel the “30 for 30” treatment – and Zendaya steals the show as Lola Bunny.

Zendaya provides the new voice for Lola Bunny. After Bugs Bunny and LeBron James argue over who the best player on the Looney Tunes team squad is, Zendaya’s Lola says it’s “so cute to watch them bicker when everyone knows this is Lola’s team.”

Naval Academy graduate’s pursuit of an NFL career. Rookie cornerback Cameron Kinley had requested to delay his commission to play for the Tampa Bay, but was denied. The agency representing Kinley said he can’t appeal the decision and is required to commission as an ensign. Roger Staubach missed almost 5 years of his Hall of Fame career to fulfill his obligation to the Naval Academy.

Today is Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Today in Sports & Pop Culture History

1934 – The Cincinnati Reds became the first Major League team to use an airplane to travel from one city to another. They flew from Cincinnati to Chicago. 

1986  – The Boston Celtics won their 16th NBA championship. In 2008, they captured #17

1991 – – Bruce Springsteen married Patti Scialfa. It was Springsteen’s second marriage

Today we honor the late Jerry Stiller (“Seinfeld,” “King of Queens”) …he would have been 94. Stiller sadly passed last year.

Celebrating Birthdays today:

Cantonian Boz Skaggs -77

Kanye West – 44

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