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Kanye West is taking Walmart to court for allegedly selling knockoff Yeezy Foam Runners. His legal team included pictures of the two items to show their similarities. And ‘Ye sells his shoes for $75 a pair, Walmart is only charging $25 a pop – allegedly to cash in on his popularity.

The car known as the “last Shelby Cobra” is going to the auction block to find a new home. The 2004 automobile was kept a secret and given the codename of “Daisy” as it was being developed. The auction is set to go on August 12th and no pre-auction price estimate has been given…but a few millions isn’t out of the realm of possibility. 

A new study out of Columbia University shows that greying hair might be able to reverse itself. They confirmed that stress can speed up your hair’s transformation to grey. What they also found, however, was that reducing stress can sometimes turn hair back to original color.

Nation’s Restaurant News did an analysis of the largest chain restaurants  and here’s what they found regarding who did well and who not so much during the pandemic.

  • Popeyes – fared very well bringing in $4.58 billion in sales, a 20% net increase
  • Wingstop –posted a 21% sales increase and a net of $1.6 billion
  • Domino’s – up 11% to $7.35 billion
  • Papa John’s – up 19% to $3.48 billion

The restaurants that didn’t do so well were many sit-down establishments that didn’t transition into takeout and delivery:

  • The Cheesecake Factory – fell over 28% to $1.53 billion in sales
  • IHOP – lost 25% of sales and had sales of $2.51 billion
  • Applebee’s – the biggest loser surveyed with a 31% decrease in sales to $2.78 billion.

A new survey from Run Repeat reveals that three out of five women are harassed at the gym. As a result, just over a quarter of women have stopped going to the gym or changed gyms and 20% say they’ve changed their appearance or clothes when going to the gym.

The couple that runs the Ghosts of Britain Facebook page claims to have spotted a pair of ghosts in a Liverpool hotel that reminds her of the twins from the movie The Shining. Their page has 1.8 million followers.

In Louisiana, an accident shut down Interstate 10 for five hours. One unnamed man took a little initiative and made the best of it. He took out his fishing pole and started fishing off the bridge he was stuck on. We don’t know if he caught anything, but his style is awesome

NBA Eastern Conference finals last night

Clippers beat Phoenix 106-92. The Suns now lead that series 2-1

The Eastern Finals resume tonight with Atlanta at Milwaukee, 8:30 tip-off on TNT. The Bucks are an 8pt. Favorite.

The Tribe beat the Twins last night 4-1 in Minnesota. They take on the Twinkies again tonight at 8:10, Cal Quantrill goes for the Wahoo Warriors.

Today is Friday, June 25, 2021

Today in Sports History

1918 – Babe Ruth became the second American League player to hit a home run in four consecutive games. 

1968 – Bobby Bonds (San Francisco Giants) hit a grand-slam home run in his first game with the Giants. He was the first player to debut with a grand-slam. 

1985 – ABCs “Monday Night Football” began with a new line-up. The trio was Frank Gifford, Joe Namath and O.J. Simpson. 

2003 – Todd McFarlane bought Barry Bonds record setting 73rd home run ball at auction for $517,500. 

Celebrating Birthdays today:

Mic drop birthday…Jimmie Walker is 74 (“Good Times,” “Scrubs,” “Everybody Hates Chris”)