Sports ‘n Stuff  7/22/22

The Division I Council on Wednesday announced its endorsement of the elimination of an NCAA rule prohibiting multiple transfers by athletes, along with other rule changes aimed at the current transfer environment.
Anyone would be able to transfer and have immediate eligibility, if they meet academic standards. Athletes could transfer multiple times and play right away.The Council also expressed its support for the implementation of transfer windows, time periods in which athletes would need to inform their school of their intention to transfer in order to be eligible for the following year.

College football is back. The season kicks off the last Saturday of August. Odds to win this years title.
Alabama +180
Ohio State +375
Georgia +400

The New York Jets became the most recent NFL team to add an alternate helmet to their uniform collection.
New York released their “Stealth Black” helmets Friday, which look exactly like the name sounds. Instead of the chrome forest green look on the Jets’ current helmet, this one features a matte black color with chrome green piping around the facemask. The Jets logo remained the same but is also chrome green with a white border.
The Cowboys will wear white helmets with blue stars on Thanksgiving day as well.
Classic throwback Patriots bringing back pat the patriot and the falcons bring back the red helmet
Texans have a red helmet
Saints have a black helmet

In more uniform news, the owner of an adult web site wants to advertise on the sleeves of The New York Yankee’s jerseys.
“We want to expand the visibility of Stripchat across the globe and we know the patch will be one of the most visible assets for one of the most popular clubs in sports. What better way than to stick our logo on the sleeves of Yankees players? It makes too much sense for the Yankees to work together with the leading adult live cam site. Let’s turn pinstripes into pin-strips!”
The website is known for making these types of PR stunts. A few years ago, they offered $15 million for the naming rights to the Superdome. Now, they’re going after baseball’s biggest brand.

Hulu is releasing an 8-episode unauthorized documentary exploring Mike Tyson’s boxing career and personal life.
“Iron” Mike Tyson made it clear he does not support it. However, the streaming service will move forward with the program which debuts Thursday August 25.
Last year, Mike Tyson blasted Hulu for creating a show about him without his consent, his participation, or providing compensation.

Some seats for the upcoming Bruce Springsteen tour are selling for up to $5,000 . . . directly from Ticketmaster.  It’s part of their new “dynamic pricing” program, which supposedly freezes out scalpers.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t do much for the concertgoer. The Boss will be in Cleveland Wednesday, April 5.

Random Sports Fact of the Day:
The Oakland A’s and Cleveland Indians played two games using orange baseballs in 1973.  It was the A’s owner’s idea . . . he thought they’d be easier to see.  But the players hated them, so they were scrapped.

The Guardians are back in action tonight in the Windy City, taking on the White Sox. Cal Quantrill 6-5 3.76 era goes for Cleveland tonight 8:10pm

Today is Friday July 22, 2022
Today in sports and pop culture history:

226 years ago – In 1796, the beautiful city of Cleveland, Ohio, was founded by General Moses Cleaveland.  And yes, he did have that extra “A” in there.  It’s not really clear why it was dropped for the spelling of the city.

1926 – At Mitchell Field in New York, Babe Ruth caught a ball that had been dropped from an airplane flying at 250 feet.

1962 – Jackie Robinson became the first African American to be inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

31 years ago – In 1991, Desiree Washington, a Miss Black America contestant, filed a formal complaint with the cops to report that she’d been raped by Mike Tyson in an Indianapolis hotel room three days earlier.  Tyson was convicted, and served three years in prison.

Celebrating Birthdays today:

Don Henley is 75 founding member of “The Eagles”

Singer Bobby Sherman is 79..”Easy come, Easy go!

David Spade is 58 (“SNL,” “Tommy Boy,” “Black Sheep,” “Joe Dirt,” “The Emperor’s New Groove,” “Just Shoot Me!,” “8 Simple Rules,” “Rules of Engagement”)