Sports ‘n Stuff 8/31/22

The 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle card set a record for the most expensive piece of sports memorabilia ever sold after going for $12.6 million, Heritage Auctions announced.
The card topped the $7.25-million mark set by a Honus Wagner card earlier this month.
Mantle won three MVP awards and seven World Series titles while playing with the Yankees between 1951-1968.

A bar in Los Angeles has raised the minimum age to 30 for weekend nights.  A couple of young women posted a video of themselves getting denied.  But commenters say that “when you’re 30, you’ll understand.”

Yesterday. Patrick Clark, formerly known as Velveteen Dream during his time in the WWE’s was arrested in Orlando, Florida.
Clark is charged with first-degree misdemeanor counts of battery and trespassing.
NOT being called the Velveteen dream.

Bishop Sycamore the football team that wasn’t Is heading to HBO. They’re making a documentary called BS High!.
It will tackle issues If students were actually enrolled, and teachers were employed at the school.
There apparently isn’t any evidence of either.
Governor DeWine has called on Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost to determine whether or not Bishop Sycamore violated civil or even criminal laws.

This upcoming NBA season will see the Golden State Warriors with the most nationally televised games. That tends to happen when you’re the champs. Here’s the breakdown of which teams will be seeing the most on national tv.
* Golden State Warriors – 30 games
* Los Angeles Lakers – 27 games
* Boston Celtics – 25 games
* Philadelphia 76ers/Milwaukee Bucks – 23 games
* Phoenix Suns – 22 games
* Dallas Mavericks – 21 games
* Los Angeles Clippers – 20 games
* Memphis Grizzlies – 18 games
* Denver Nuggets – 16 games
* Cleveland Cavaliers – 9 games

A Michigan man has won $100K in a lottery he didn’t even know he was entered in. The lucky unnamed guy was scanning tickets into the Michigan Lottery app to see if he was a winner. Scanning the tickets entered him into a second-chance drawing. Then, a week or so ago he received an email telling him he’d won $100K. Suspicious, he called the lotto offices to see what the hell they were talking about…and that’s when he learned it was legit!

An annual study for Labor Day found the hardest-working states in America are North Dakota, Alaska, and Nebraska.  And the LEAST hardest-working is New Mexico.
According to the results, the 10 hardest-working states are:  North Dakota . . . Alaska . . . Nebraska . . . South Dakota . . . Texas . . . Virginia . . . Oklahoma . . . Kansas . . . New Hampshire . . . and Wyoming.
New Mexico ranked last, followed by Rhode Island, New York, Michigan, and West Virginia. 
Ohio came in at #42….Follow me for a week!

Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva is about to go down.
TMZ reported Tuesday that Paul is set to face longtime UFC middleweight champion and MMA legend Silva in a boxing bout in October, with a location still to be determined. An initial report from NoSmokeBoxing has the bout scheduled for Oct. 29.
MMA Fighting’s Guilherme Cruz reached out to sources with knowledge of the matchup who confirmed that the bout is in the works.
Paul’s promotion Most Valuable Promotions tweeted Tuesday that his next fight will be announced next week, but did not indicate an opponent or date.

Tonight is the first night of the Stark County fair which means summer is basically over.
Sunset tonight is at 8:01.
That is the last time we will see the sun past 8 PM until April!

Guardians big 5-1 winner yesterday take on Baltimore again this evening. Pregame 5:30, first pitch at 6:10 Tristen McKenzie 9-10 3.17 ERA goes for the Guards.

Today is Wednesday August 31, 2022
Today in Sports in pop culture history

13 years ago – In 2009, Walt Disney Co. announced its acquisition of Marvel Entertainment for $4 BILLION. 

Princess Diana passed away 25 years ago today but did you know
Elton John’s version of “Candle in the Wind” in memory of Princess Diana is the second-best-selling single in history . . . and he’s only ever performed it in public ONCE, at her funeral.  (Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas” is the #1 best-selling single.)

1969 – The boxer Rocky Marciano died in an airplane crash in Iowa.

Celebrity Birthdays

Richard Gere is 73 (“American Gigolo,” “An Officer and a Gentleman,” “The Cotton Club,” “Pretty Woman,” “Primal Fear,” “Runaway Bride,” “Chicago,” “The Jackal”) (FAST FACT: His middle name is Tiffany)

Chris Tucker is 51 (“Friday,” “Rush Hour” series, “The Fifth Element,” “Jackie Brown,” “Silver Linings Playbook,” “Money Talks”)

Deborah Gibson is 52

Van Morrison is 77