Director Sammy Kay Smith spoke on the Gary Rivers Show about that organization’s upcoming Underground Railroad Experience drama that will happen this weekend.

Guests will take a trip back in time to the year 1821 and witness history in the making, and meet actors portraying Thomas and Charity Rotch, Arvine Wales, Edy Duncan, and the many people who risked their lives for one American right: freedom.  The Underground Railroad Experience is a walking drama, taking you through the grounds and meeting men and women that freedom seekers might have met on their own travels.


Performance Times:
August 16th
6:30pm Seated Performance

August 17th
1:00pm Seated Performance

House Tours:
Self-Guided throughout the day

Spring Hill’s mission is “to preserve unimpaired for future generations the house, outbuildings and grounds known as Spring Hill; to interpret Spring Hill and the families who lived there in light of their historical importance; and to maintain Spring Hill as a historic site open to the public.”