‘Stand Your Ground’ Provision Pulled From Bill


(ONN) – The Ohio Senate has passed a watered-down gun bill with a major change.

The gun bill passed by the Senate does not have any stand your ground provisions, but there will be a big difference in the way self-defense cases are handled in the courts, according to West Chester State Senator Bill Coley, who is Chairman of the Government Oversight Committee.

“In a situation where you had to use deadly force, we required Ohioans to maintain the burden of proof — that’s been corrected to bring it in line with all other 49 states that that burden of proof will now shift to the prosecution.”

The bill was tweaked after Governor Kasich threatened a veto.

Still in the bill — someone involved in a conflict must first try to leave the scene, if possible, before using lethal force.

The bill also requires a concealed-carry license holder to show law enforcement officers that license when approached.



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