Starbucks Holiday Cups Are Back — Is There an Outrage?

It’s the most controversial time of the year again:  Starbucks just unveiled their new holiday cups.

For the past few years, for whatever reason, the cups have made a handful of people OUTRAGED . . . for their role in the War on Christmas, which is VERY REAL and not at all ratings-bait or clickbait.

In 2015, some people thought their minimalist all-red cups were anti-Christmas . . . and last year, people thought one of their cups showed a same-sex couple holding hands.

Here are this year’s four designs, and they seem pretty Christmas-y.  So I don’t see anything immediately that will outrage people, but then again, I’m not insane so I’m not the best judge . . .

  1. A cup with bright red, dark red, white, and gold vertical stripes.
  2. A cup with red and white flame patterns.
  3. A white cup with light green holly and red berries.
  4. A green cup with an argyle-style pattern, featuring big white stars.





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