Stark Commissioners, Elections Officials Meet, Regula Suggests Using Current Voting Equipment Through November

CANTON, Ohio (News Talk 1480 WHBC) – The Stark County Board of Elections would like to move forward with the purchase of $6.4 million in Dominion voting machines, but county commissioners want to push the “pause” button.

That’s not because there are those in the community that don’t trust the company, but because they want more time to vet such a major purchase.

Some supporters of Donald Trump claimed without proof that their machines were manipulated in favor of Joe Biden.

Several company representatives were at a meeting between the two boards on Tuesday.

The purchase would cost Stark County $1.4 million after trade-ins and state funding.

The county has had Dominion equipment since 2005.

Commissioner Richard Regula says they never got information in advance on the purchase, and that’s the sort of thing commissioners are supposed to be overseeing.

He’d like the current machines used through the November election.