Stark EMA: Less Concern About Traffic Gridlock After Eclipse

CANTON, Ohio (News Talk 1480 WHBC) – The Total Eclipse of the Sun is five weeks from this Monday.

And public safety officials are thinking we will likely avoid the threatened gridlock on local roads from everyone going home at the same time.

Stark County EMA Director Tim Warstler thinks traffic will resemble a Hall of Fame Enshrinement event, or other activity that draws big crowds to the county.

Warstler says the state is also backing away from their “double the population” advice they initially gave out.

Warstler also says he spoke to school superintendents about holding classes, especially those in the 100-percent eclipse area in the northwest part of the county.

His big concern was dismissal times occurring at the same time as the sky show.

He’s hopeful people attend one of the dozen or so events that day.